Operational Change to ACA Accreditation

After evaluation of the implementation of the Operational Change that occurred in nine of the twenty-three local areas in ACA in 2016, it was determined that all additional local areas will be included in Phase 2 of the implementation, which occurs in 2017. This means that moving forward (2017 and beyond), all currently accredited camps will either have an on-site visit or must complete the Annual Accreditation Report. Information about what is required of your camp has being shared via email from your local staff and volunteers.

Big R, Little r; Big A, Little a

With ACA’s new strategic focus on accreditation and research comes the need to evolve our practices and services at a national level. In order to accomplish these important tasks, two special task forces have been working diligently to prepare recommendations that will address these programs on a national level. While these national tasks forces are looking at how this new focus on research and accreditation (or BIG R and BIG A, as we’ve taken to calling them) will play out nationally, many have asked what they can to advance this strategy at the local level.

Criminal Background Checks - Issues and Resources for Camps

ACA believes that camps should utilize multifaceted screening and hiring programs and support practices appropriate to the clientele, staffing, supervision, and program consideration of each camp.

Your Accreditation Status - Fun and Safety

ACA Camps Set the Standards

Parents nationwide recognize the importance of ACA accreditation when choosing a camp for their child, and they expect you to reach far beyond the minimum state and local regulations. ACA-accreditation status is solid proof of a camp's accountability, credibility, and commitment.

Accreditation Announcement Letter

ACA a benefit to members, ACA provides sample letters and newsreleases.

You want everyone to know how hard you've worked to achieve accreditation — especially those decision makers and funding bodies upon whom your camp relies. Make a point to tell them about it, and encourage questions while you build enthusiasm! Log in to view a form letter designed to announce your camp's accomplishment. Block and copy the letter, and paste it into a document.  Use your camp's stationery and fill in the information about your camp where words are written in CAPITAL letters. 


ACA Accreditation: Key Messages for Parents

Special Note: When referring to your ACA-Accredited® camp status in brochures, letters and video tapes, please use the following copy to describe accreditation:

ACA Accreditation: Key Messages for the Media

Incorporate these messages everywhere you can – on the phone, in camp tours, camp fairs, in all print literature, videos, website – everywhere!

Marketing the Value of the Camp Experience

Camp directors and camp staff know intuitively what camp provides for youth. We have sought for words and the solid research to back up what we know in our hearts happens in the magic of the experience. Now we have that research!! It is important that parents, legislators, and the media hear the same message about the value of the camp experience.

Accreditation Talking Points - For Parents

Have you been asked to address your local PTA? Or your town’s Rotary Club? Do you need some talking points to help you in your presentation about the value of camp—to share the message with parents and the public about the benefits of the camp experience and the importance of ACA accreditation?