Bullying Prevention Resources

Bullying prevention tips and resources for camps.

Gan Israel Bully-Proof your Camp

So many incidences of mean behavior, (and sometimes even bullying) occur at camp. Time is less structured than at school and counselors are young and don't necessarily have the tools to notice or handle incidents that may occur.

Defining Bullying - National Bullying Awareness Month

While October is National Bullying Awareness Month, what can we do as a camp community to bring awareness year round? 

Cyberbullying: Camp’s Role in Helping Girls Disengage from an Online World

Author Rachel Simmons spoke with ACA about aspects of cyberbullying among girls and camp’s role in helping kids disengage from an online world where they must always be “on.” Recently, Simmons revised and updated her New York Times bestselling Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls with four new chapters that include fresh, innovative strategies to help girls navigate the online world.

Understanding Bullying Within The Camp Setting - Tips for Parents

What is Bullying?

Bullying is aggressive behavior by a child or a group of children who take advantage of the power they have to hurt or intimidate others.

Bullying can take many forms:

Bullying Prevention - Camps Take a Stand

Bullying prevention is one of five hot topics on the minds of camp staff. To help address this issue,the American Camp Association, in collaboration with Dr. Joel Haber, is pleased to present several tools to aid in bullying prevention.

Read Dr. Haber's recent article, "Bullying Prevention: Are You Up to Speed?"

Bullying Prevention Toolkit

The camp community can play a critical role in stopping bullying behaviors.