5-Year Impact Study Phase 2 Findings: Relationship Skills

By now many of you have heard of ACA’s 5-Year Impact Study, a national research project focused on the lasting impacts of camp among campers and staff. We described the study and its research questions in the January/February 2019 issue of Camping Magazine and explored the first of four preliminary themes in a March/April 2019 article focused on independence and responsibility.

Outdoor Education at Camp: Enriching Lives through Positive Interactions with Nature

In an increasingly connected world, today’s children experience an ever-decreasing connection to the natural world. As a result of hours of screen time, lengthening school days, and increasing participation in organized out-of-school activities, children are spending less time outside than ever before. Because of this lack of outdoor time, their connection to and understanding of their natural surroundings is startlingly absent.

Innovating and Elevating Camper Futures: The 2019 Eleanor Eells Award Winners

Each year, ACA’s Eleanor P. Eells Award for Program Excellence recognizes camps that epitomize the spirit of the award’s namesake through their efforts to provide sterling programming that effectively and innovatively addresses the needs of people and society through the camp experience. We applaud the 2019 recipients. They are all definitive proof of the might of camp programs to equip campers of all abilities and backgrounds with the resiliency and conviction to build better futures for themselves and their communities.

The Art and Science of Youth Development: The Role of the Camp Counselor

What do campers need from the counselors who work with them? They need caring relationships with adults they can trust. They need clear limits, high expectations, and healthy challenges. Campers need to be accepted for who they are. They need counselors to support them in taking positive risks and avoiding negative ones. In short, they need you to be the very best you can be.

Calming Camper Conflicts

Conflicts between kids at summer camp can arise for a wide variety of reasons. Here are some steps to help guide you through conflict resolution.

Four Secrets for Effective Human Interaction at Camp

When you agreed to work at camp, you immediately made the decision to have fun, challenge yourself, and change lives. While the format to accomplish this will be provided for you by your camp, the implementation will not. This will come from you in the form of dedication and effort. How much commitment you choose to give is important because campers don’t always come to camp knowing how to succeed.

Unleashed: The Power of You — Alignment and Engagement, Part 1

Dear Camp Counselor:

This summer you will join, figuratively, with more than 320,000 staff working at some 2,400 accredited camps serving more than 7.4 million children nationwide (ACA, 2013). And, suffice it to say, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Why? Because you will greatly influence young lives. And, in my opinion, there’s no greater gift than that.

Helping the Homesick Camper

Many campers experience homesickness. This article will advise summer camp counselors how to help their campers overcome homesickness.

Interrupting Isms: What to Do if Campers Say or Do Something "-Ist"

This resource offers advice to summer camp counselors who need to deal with campers saying something "-ist."