Understanding a Camp’s Right to Search

Our topic is the search of a camper's or camp employee's belongings.

This is not a U.S. Constitution, Fourth Amendment search and seizure issue, or a 14th Amendment right to privacy issue as no governmental authority is addressed. We are dealing, rather, with a matter of private agreements and expectations among the camp, its families and employees.

Important Information Regarding Revisions to the ACA Standards

A key role of the American Camp Association's National Standards Commission (NSC) is to regularly review and update (as needed) the ACA standards.

Case Studies from the 2014 Crisis Hotline Annual Review

Each year, the Camp Crisis Hotline team identifies a select number of case studies for a more in-depth look, and to serve as examples for other camps to use in staff training and the development of their own risk management plans. It is our hope that by understanding the real crisis situations of other camps, your camp can learn and anticipate for the future.

“Traditional” Camp: My Epiphany That We Are All in the “Conservation” Movement

The American Camp Association (ACA) is committed to increasing understanding of and support for the value of the camp experience — especially with governmental decision makers. ACA’s core values include an important focus on environmental stewardship. When the White House called for nominations for their White House Champions of Change Award — Engaging the Next Generation of Conservation Leaders, we knew that the camp community had an abundance of leaders in this area. ACA nominated a number of camp professionals for this recognition.

Federal Public Policy: Updates and Emerging Issues

As the 113th Congress continues to struggle to move forward on bipartisan issues, the American Camp Association (ACA) remains focused on two specific goals: (1) to protect the safety of children, youth, and adults participating in the camp experience; and (2) to achieve recognition that camp is an expanded learning opportunity.

Notes from the 2014 Insurance Roundtable

Each year during the American Camp Association (ACA) national conference, the ACA National Insurance Committee hosts a roundtable discussion with our insurance business partners and other insurers of camps. At the roundtable, we discuss trends in the insurance industry that may impact camp operations, what types of claims were filed the year before, and risk management issues. The key purpose of the Insurance Roundtable is to explore how to help camps be prepared for emergencies and run safe programs, as well as keep owners and staff on top of risk management issues.

Supervision at Camp: More than the Numbers

“Camper Abused at Camp”: This is the headline no camp owner/director wants to hear or read. The American Camp Association firmly believes in the value of a criminal background check (see www.ACAcamps.org/publicpolicy/CPIA), as well as the value of appropriate supervision and staff training. In fact, ACA has standards that address both of these areas, as well as the ACA mandatory standard that requires a criminal background check on all new staff.