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The Law Says "Yes" to Adventure


In this article, we will discuss recent developments in case law that reflect a new understanding and appreciation of the value of participation in “adventurous” activities. In the event of an injury or other loss, this acknowledgement — by the courts — of the social value of vigorous participation in sports and recreation may protect a camp from liability, as we describe below.

Essential Functions of a Camper: Analysis and Determination


It is a sunny camper arrival day, and Simon and his mom present for check-in. Simon is giddy with excitement about the fun he will have during his first camp experience. Mom shares a few things with staff regarding the care and needs of Simon.

Simon needs:

Focus on Specific Standards: SF.3 and OM.7

School shootings, damage by trespassers, tornadoes during what is not considered to be tornado season, watershed and water systems compromised — all are situations that have occurred in the past several months. If something similar impacted your camp/property, would you be prepared?

Current Transportation Considerations for Camp Programs

Camps have traditionally used a variety of types of vehicles to transport campers, staff, and gear — cars, light trucks, passenger vans, 12- and 15-passenger vans, buses, and motor coaches. Are there any vehicle types that camps now are banned from utilizing? If yes, what vehicles and in what situations?

Emerging Issues: Immunizations, Measles, and Other Communicable Diseases

ACA has partnered with medical and health professionals to provide the most up-to-date information available. This article will focus on three areas: immunizations, measles, and other communicable diseases.

Transgender Staff and Anti-Discrimination

The subject of transgender staff at camps is one that is getting a lot of play lately. For those camps that have not yet dealt with a current staff member transitioning or a new prospective transgender staff member, they will likely find themselves faced with these issues in the near future. What do camps need to know?

We Asked the Experts - Our Most Popular Legal Opinions

Since 2005, the American Camp Association (ACA) has relied upon the legal expertise of Charles R. (Reb) Gregg, Catherine Hansen-Stamp and others to help organizations understand many of the legal complexities faced by camp programs. Gregg and Hansen-Stamp have authored thirty-one articles for The CampLine. Many of the topics they — and others —have tackled come from the emerging issues identified through the work of the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline.1

Update from the Insurance Roundtable: Risk Management- A Shared Responsibility

If I were to ask your camp staff, “Who is responsible for risk management in your camp?” what do you think the response would be? My guess is that most would respond, “The camp director/assistant director” (or another title in a leadership role). How many staff would respond “All of us!”?