Child Sexual Abuse: Liability Issues Revisited


We and others have written previously for the American Camp Association (ACA) on matters pertaining to child sexual abuse and neglect. As long as even one child is the victim of abuse or neglect, we must continue to focus our attention on this issue.

Are You Ready? Severe Weather

Access all of ACA's updated severe weather resources on the Severe Weather Resources page.

This summer brought forest fires, extreme heat, storms resulting in extended power outages, and flooding — all of which could potentially result in the need for evacuation of a camp site. Would you be ready?

Below is an initial list of things to consider, as it is important to have a system in place that can be activated immediately. During the “crisis” is not the time to plan!

ACA’s Initiatives in the 112th Congress

The American Camp Association (ACA) continues to work to advance our public policy agenda in Washington, D.C. and in the states. Our agenda is simple, yet impactful. Our agenda for 2011–2012 is to:

  • Protect the safety of children, youth, and adults participating in the camp experience.
  • Achieve recognition that camp is an expanded learning opportunity.

We are pursuing a number of different initiatives with the current Congress:

Important Bullying Resources

For over a decade, the American Camp Association has provided camps with a variety of resources regarding bullying. The 2012 edition of the ACA standards include a standard requiring that training be provided to help staff:

Notes from the 2012 Insurance Roundtable

Each year during the American Camp Association’s (ACA’s) national conference, the National Insurance Committee hosts a roundtable discussion with our insurance business partners and other insurers of camps. At the roundtable, we discuss trends in the insurance industry that may impact camp operations, what types of claims were filed the year before, and risk management issues. This year’s roundtable discussion, as the ones in the past, has proven to be an excellent source for risk management issues we as camp professionals cannot afford to ignore.

ACA Camp Crisis Hotline - Annual Review 2012

Case Studies and Lessons Learned from Another Busy Year with the Hotline

What would you do if . . .

Insurance 101: Your Insurance Policy — What Does it Really Mean?

Several months after renewing your insurance coverage each year, you can count on receiving one or more fat envelopes in the mail containing your insurance policies. How many of us actually pull them out of the envelope and thoroughly read them? I would guess a very small percentage. Those volumes of information that you store on a shelf or in a file cabinet represent a major contract you have entered into with your insurer and you need to know what it really means before something happens. You also need to know if you are over-insuring yourself.

Changes in Certifications Impacting Aquatics This Summer

American Red Cross

As you hire your aquatics staff for this summer, there are both a few reminders as well as some changes occurring that are important for camp directors to know.