Board Diversification - Panel Discussion

Hosted by ACA's Not-for-Profit Council

Conversations about Boards of Directors

ACA's Not-for-Profit Council hosts regular conversations on topics signifcant to nonprofit camps. In 2021-2022, the topics all focus on boards of directors. On October 12, 2021, the conversation spotlighted the work of diversifying boards of directors. 

Enhancing Inclusion for Campers with Sensory-Processing Concerns through Camp Counselor Training

Summer camps provide children an opportunity for goal achievement, a sense of community, and development of self-concept. Toward that end, goal-directed camp activities revolve around teamwork, as well as improving coping skills and fostering intimate relationships (Carlson & Cook, 2007). However, campers may have cognitive-behavioral concerns — an inability to attend to activities, for example, or impulsiveness, decreased ability to cope with environmental demands such as sound, light, and tactile sensations, and decreased social awareness.

What’s Wrong with This Song? We Love It and Have Been Singing It Forever!

Here you are, catching up, maybe relaxing now that camp is over. You’re reflecting on the joy of having experienced another successful season; the sadness of saying goodbye to campers and staff who have developed meaningful relationships; your readiness (or not) to review staff and camper evaluations; worry about budgets and funding for next year; and wondering what constitutes “normal” as we go forward.

Reimagining Camp through a Pro-Inclusional Lens

All of the inclusion, diversity, social justice, and equity work that many are doing in the field right now — all of it is to get us on level ground. To help us to understand that we are all connected. Nature provides us the level ground and the perfect environment to heal our cultural divide through camp. 

The Evolution of Neurodiversity: An Interview with Steve Silberman

Camping Magazine recently spoke with Steve Silberman, New York Times best-selling author of NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity, to discuss old attitudes, the changing definition of autism, and the beginning of a social movement aimed at ensuring that neurodivergent people have a seat at society’s the proverbial table.

Gender Inclusion at Camp

This Camping Magazine article discusses why it is important to have gender inclusive spaces at camp.

Encouraging Black Youth Self-Identity through Theatre Camp: An Interview with Ekundayo Bandele

Recognizing the profundity of hardships and their potential long-lasting impact on developing psyches, this past summer Ekundayo Bandele launched a Self-Identity Camp for Black Youth. The goal of this day camp at Hattiloo was to encourage youth in the Black community to explore and express their feelings about their wants, needs, challenges, fears, triumphs — anything and everything that moves them and speaks to who they are as individuals.

Continuing the Race Conversation at Camp

The American Camp Association (ACA), in partnership with Teaching Matters, offered a series of webinars over the past year enabling camp educators to discuss how to talk about anti-racism in the camp setting. Those conversations are continued here.

CampWire Episode 37: Camp Staff Recruiting - Finding Diverse Organizations on Campus

This podcast talks about how to find organizations for BIPOC students, why it is important to hire diverse staff members for summer camp, and how diversity can impact the culture of your camp.