Staff Culture: Your Values in Action During Uncertain Times, Part 1

When it is hard to determine what to do next, the one thing that can be controlled in challenging times (or any time) is our response. 

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Job Description Template by Title

As a benefit to ACA individual members, the following job descriptions are available for download in Microsoft Word format. Log in to view job descriptions. Not a member yet? See below.

Business Manager
Camp Counselor
Camp Director
Day Camp Counselor
Day Camp Director
Dining Hall Manager
Food Service Manager
Health Care Assistant/First Aider
Health Care Manager (often a Nurse)
Horse Back Riding Assistant/Specialist
Horseback Riding Director
Kitchen Assistant
Maintenance Assistant
Program Director
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Archery
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Arts and Crafts
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Bicycling
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Challenge Course/Adventure Program
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Environmental Education/Naturalist
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Field Sports
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Gymnastics
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Outdoor Skills
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Pottery and Ceramics
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Tripping
Property Manager
Waterfront/Aquatics Director
Waterfront/Aquatics Specialist: Boating
Waterfront/Aquatics Specialist: Lifeguard
Waterfront/Aquatics Specialist: Sailing
Waterfront/Aquatics Specialist: Swimming
Waterfront/Aquatics Specialist: Water Skiing

Template Resource Documents for Camp Operations

ACA is committed to providing resources to assist in your camp's operation. These resources include tip sheets, charts, checklists, and general resources among other things. These samples should be reviewed and revised as appropriate for your camp or program. 

How to Manage Camp Staff Fatigue

Fatigue at camp is like inclement weather at camp. You’re going to have it at some point, but if you spot it before it happens, you can take steps to be prepared for it and reduce the impact it has on your staff and program.

Trauma Informed Care at Camp

DESCRIPTION:  In ACA’s 2017 Emerging Issues Report, the top issue facing camps is campers’ Mental, Emotional, and Social Health (Browne, Bialeschki & Wilson, 2017). Considering national statistics of childhood adversity, this is no surprise. The Center for Disease Control reports that 64% of individuals experience one Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) before reaching 18 (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016). When ACA reaches their goal of serving 20 million campers in 2020, they’ll be providing care for 12.8 million campers impacted by trauma.

Camp Creates Job Magic

By the time camp staff decide what their chosen field of work is going to be, they have unknowingly benefitted from some amazing transformative experiences. Even if they decide not to stay in the camp field, the skills they obtain during their rise through the camp hierarchy will serve as a foundation for work readiness. What originally started as a random camp entry-level job, or possibly a place to work because of a specific skill, now becomes a platform to learn what employers are looking for when it comes to job skill requirements.

In the Care of Other People's Children, Part 2: Training Frontline Staff to Make Good Decisions

While many risks can be managed through decisions regarding such things as facilities, equipment, requirements for participation, and policies, it is primarily through the day-to-day decision-making by staff that a camp has the most capacity in establishing control over risk. In large part this is because most accidents involving campers occur in program, living, and common areas — typically when campers are (or were supposed to be) under the supervision of frontline camp staff such as cabin counselors, program staff, and activity area supervisors.

Five Ways You Can Use Research on Habit Formation to Develop Staff

You've probably read those statistics about the number of people who buy gym memberships in January and then never work out. Maybe that's totally you. The stakes for physical fitness are high — we all want to live longer, healthier lives — but the motivation to act, more often than not, simply falls flat.