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Nonprofit organizations are nothing if not complex — and nonprofit camps are no exception. While each nonprofit is unique, one thing they all have in common is a board of directors. For some of you, this governing body may feel like a distant, disengaged entity. While for others, this group may seem highly engaged and invested in your organization and its future. Regardless of your perception or experience, your camp’s board of directors plays a critical role in the life of your nonprofit.

Camp Counselor Skills Are Professional Skills

As we work to connect with potential camp staff members, it is important to make sure they truly understand the value of working at summer camp. 

Mental Health at Camp for Frontline Staff

Mental Health at Camp for Frontline Staff Course will prepare frontline staff to support campers and themselves around Mental Health and Well-Being at Camp. It is a 90+ minute self-paced online course with short video clips, assignments, and quizzes. The content provides a framework for frontline staff to understand their role at camp in support of the campers. It also provides some specific tools for having supportive conversations with campers struggling. Finally, it includes a section on self-care for staff at camp.

Mental Health at Camp for Leadership Staff

Mental Health at Camp for Leadership Staff Course will prepare camp leadership for supporting both staff, campers, and themselves around Mental Health and Well-Being at Camp. It is a 60+ minute self-paced online course with short video clips, assignments, and quizzes. Assignments prompt leadership staff to consider the content and reflect on their own experiences and particular camp programs. This course does not result in a final grade, and the quizzes are not designed to be graded. A PDF of the slides is available at the end of the course.

Board Diversification - Panel Discussion

Hosted by ACA's Not-for-Profit Council

Conversations about Boards of Directors

ACA's Not-for-Profit Council hosts regular conversations on topics signifcant to nonprofit camps. In 2021-2022, the topics all focus on boards of directors. On October 12, 2021, the conversation spotlighted the work of diversifying boards of directors. 

Skills for First-Time Supervisors: Actively Grow into Your Supervisory Role

Transitioning to your very first supervisory role can be a formidable task, and it's only natural to be nervous. While each employment situation is unique, being a camp supervisor can invite further challenges because of the added responsibilities of managing participants' health and safety in addition to overseeing staff and developing your team.

New Director Orientation (NDO) Online Course - Asynchronous

ACA’ New Director Orientation (NDO) is designed to give you a solid foundation in the competencies and responsibilities necessary to your work as a camp director.  The course has been arranged so you can work at your pace and with the freedom to explore the sections in the order you choose.

This course covers five critical areas to help directors and supervisors develop the skills they need to be effective leaders. The core areas covered include:

Innovation Boot Camp -Shark Tank Event- Ideas Around Staff Motivation

Project Real Job brings you Shark Tank for Camp Pros, and YOU are the Sharks (i.e., judges)! A cohort of over 40 camp leaders, staff, and students were given the prompt, “What is one new way you can motivate staff leading up to Summer 2021?” They spent several weeks developing innovative ideas during a PRJ Innovation Boot Camp. In this webinar, you will (1) hear teams pitch their ideas, (2) have the opportunity to ask questions, and (3) reflect on how to bring these innovative ideas back to camp. 

Shift Happens: 3 Steps to Choosing Courage in Changing Times

The world is shifting. A reshaping of the global landscape has prompted conversations about courage among camp professionals as they consider changes to their employment, programs, and priorities. What is courage? What really goes into choosing courage? How do I get more courage? These are some of the questions national speaker and mentor Candace Doby answer in this free webinar to help attendees leverage tools of courage as they face challenges and risks ahead. This is what attendees will take away from this webinar:

Leadership Pathways Project: Grant Opportunities for CIT Program Development

ACA's new three-year grant program is designed to foster evidence-informed planning, testing, and improving initiatives to increase access to and engagement in counselor-in-training (CIT) programs and other qualified leadership programs among young people with diverse backgrounds, abilities, and identities.