Summer Camps Abuse Prevention Program

ASAP's abuse-prevention program is being used to ensure healthly physical and behavorial interactions and safety.  It includes a Director's Guide, screening protocol, staff training - animated videos and a test for certification and guidelines for parents.  It raises the standards of camps and camp staff in a respectful and innovative way and reduces liability.  By providing trainings and implementing safety measures, camps will be sending a message to counselors, campers, and parents that they are educated, aware, and will not tolerate abuse.

Learner Outcomes:

Fully Connected: How a Radical Cell Phone Policy Can Improve Your Camp Culture and Cure FOMO

"Because of Camp... I have a better relationship with my phone." Said no one ever. We love camp because of the relationships we build there. So, what would camp look like if the staff committed to working without their phones? Not even using them during a break! But only using them on officially scheduled days and nights off. Is that crazy? Come learn how one summer camp discovered that disconnecting from our devices made us more connected than we could have imagined… Fully Connected!

Through this course, participants will:

Translating Passion for Growth into Camp Leadership Skills

For 24 years, I have been a camp professional. Most of that time, I have led nonprofit camps that serve the Jewish community. For less than three years in between two camp directing positions, my job shifted to a more global role with the North American Jewish community, but I kept my hands in the camp world. I have in some way — whether directly or indirectly — impacted the experiences of more than 300,000 campers and staff members during the 24 summers that I have been a camp or camping movement leader.

Cultivating Leaders

Cultivating leaders is one of the best aspects of my job. For the past ten years, I have used the leadership curve to initiate the training with our Campers in Leadership Training (CILT). Our CILTs are youth in their final summer as campers. I am not sure where the idea was created. I may have stolen it from someone else (and if so, I would love to find the person so I can thank him or her for the inspiration), or it came to me as a vision.

Back to the Basics: Creating a Cohesive Staff Community

While this sounds so simple, why is it often so hard?  Community building is what camp is all about.  Yet, all of the ice-breakers and fun games in the world don’t guarantee that staff will be unified. Discover ways to create a cohesive staff community by looking at each subset of your staff group and their unique needs, providing opportunities to connect before camp begins, and fostering continued growth all throughout the season. It’s time to get back to the basics!

By the end of the webinar participant will learn:

Crucial Camp Conversations: Five Keys for Success

How many of these sentences have you heard from inexperienced leadership staff?

Gan Israel - Director Leadership Online Training - Recording

Director Leadership Training (1.5 hours) - $50 (suggested, pay what you can) - Recording

Learn the words that effective directors use to gain cooperation, teamwork, and accountability. Improve your staff's adherence to rules and procedures. Develop a system for giving and receiving negative feedback that leads to problems solved.   Participants will be able to:

Developing Excellence in Camp Leadership: Four Requirements

A 2004 American Camp Association poll of its members found that the one area camp administrators wanted more information on was personal leadership development. It is evident that there is a quest in the camp field for enhancement of leadership. As camp directors plan for the new season, your experiences from the previous summer should help you recognize and acknowledge some of your leadership strengths and weaknesses. Yes, we all do indeed have positive and negative leadership qualities.

The Business of Leadership: An Interview with Adam Bryant

Journalist Adam Bryant has spent two decades wearing multiple reporting and editing hats at The New York Times. Concentrating on the business world and what CEOs have to teach us about sound leadership and maintaining a positive corporate culture, Bryant launched his twice weekly column Corner Office in 2009, followed by his book The Corner Office; Indispensable and Unexpected Lessons from CEOs on How to Lead and Succeed in 2012, and his most recent Quick and Nimble; Lessons from Leading CEOs on How to Create a Culture of Innovation in 2014.

Revolutionary Leadership

When a new acquaintance asks, "What do you do for a living?" and I answer that I'm a camp director and shape lives in positive ways through summer camp, I often get a quizzical response. "Is that a real job?" "What does a summer camp director do the rest of the year?" I expect most of you have had similar experiences.