Camp Leadership for the 21st Century

Michael Yeh is standing in front of an audience of over 1,000 health care and mental health professionals telling a story about a recent surgical procedure he led at the UCLA Endocrine Surgical Unit, which he directs. An Associate Professor of Surgery and Medicine at UCLA, Dr. Yeh is describing the delicate surgical procedure while an actual videotape of the operation is being shown to the audience. What we see unfolding before us is a medical drama that rivals any reality TV show one could imagine. A few minutes into the procedure it is clear that the surgical team is losing the patient.

Leadership for Life - The Henderson County Young Leaders Program

Two years ago Carlos Vega was a shy, middle-school student.

The summer after eighth grade he received a scholarship to attend a month-long session of camp from Blue Star Camps in Hendersonville, North Carolina. While attending the camp, he met young people from all across the country and many who live in different parts of the world. In his cabin alone, there were boys from Israel, France, California, and Florida.

He says this camp experience at Blue Star changed him.

The Development of Leadership Among Counselors-in-Training

Our society is in need of leaders for the future. The demands we have yet to face will require leaders who are flexible problemsolvers and have the ability to communicate with diverse people. Camps can assist in the development of leaders because of what is learned in camp —responsibility, independence, getting along with others, cooperation and teamwork, the willingness to try new things, awareness of the environment, and positive values — all attributes future leaders will need.

Professionalism & Leadership

Serve youth/families/adults in a professional manner and participate in the community as a representative of the camp profession.

Competency Aspiration

Serve youth/families/adults in a relevant, up-to-date, and ethical manner that demonstrates a strong sense of professionalism through evidenceinformed professional practice.

Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything: Communication at Camp

Growing up, my sister’s catch phrase could have been, “Nobody ever tells me anything!” because she said it so often. More and more, this sentiment is being shared at summer camp, too. Our camp staff feels this same isolation when it comes to the administration communicating information with them. Sometimes staffers feel uncomfortable or are unable to share what they are thinking and feeling with their directors. Furthermore, administrative staff sometimes find themselves frustrated when frontline staff seem to misunderstand or ignore instructions.

Implementing Change: Practical Tips for the Early Camp Director

When I was seventeen, I was hired for the second summer at my beloved home camp by the veteran camp director. She had become my mentor and friend through all my years as a camper, teen leader, and young staff member. I adored her, and I was fiercely loyal — as were all of my counselor friends. We were pumped up to “own” the camp once again and all indications were that it would be another stellar summer.