Mental Health at Camp for Leadership Staff

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Dave Brown, LCSW

Core Competency

Health & Wellness

Type of Course

Partner Online Course


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Mental Health at Camp for Leadership Staff Course will prepare camp leadership for supporting both staff, campers, and themselves around Mental Health and Well-Being at Camp. It is a 60+ minute self-paced online course with short video clips, assignments, and quizzes. Assignments prompt leadership staff to consider the content and reflect on their own experiences and particular camp programs. This course does not result in a final grade, and the quizzes are not designed to be graded. A PDF of the slides is available at the end of the course.

  1. Learn a framework for understanding "mental health" within the context of camp
  2. Learn how to prepare the camp program to support staff and camper well-being (mental health)
  3. Learn a tool for intervening with staff and campers who are struggling or suffering at camp

Pricing (includes 1hr Live Follow Up Session to be scheduled for May 18th, 2023 on Zoom)

  • 1-5 Seats: $59 per Seat
  • 6-10 Seats: 5% Off per Seat
  • 11-20 Seats: 10% Off per Seat
  • 21+ Seats: 15% Off per Seat

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