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The Mid Atlantic Camp Conference January 14 and 15, 2020 at Old Dominion University in Norfolk.

Awards Dinner on January 14.

This is your chance to show off all the awesome stuff you did this summer!   Have you always thought you had the best theme day?  Did you capture an amazing staff photo this summer?  Now is your chance to show off at the 2020 MACC Awards.


The categories are:

  1. Best T-Shirt Design
  2. Best Photo of Staff
  3. Best Service or Green Project
  4.  Best Themed Event (Day/Week/Evening)
  5. Best New Program Activity Idea


How to enter:

Submit nominations for 1 or more categories with explanations, diagrams, videos, and/or photos to Eryn Rothenberg by January 1, 2020. Nominations must come from the 2019 Summer Season.

Finalists will be notified by January 5 and asked to bring examples of their shirt, photos, etc. for display during registration.

MACC attendees will vote during registration and winners will be announced at the Awards Dinner on January 14.

Questions and submissions (2019 Season Only) for any or all of the categories should be sent to Eryn Rothenberg by January 1, 2020. 

Professional Development Scholarship Auction

Please bring something fun/cool/special for the auction.  And of course, be prepared to bid.  Everyone who loves working with campers and camp staff knows that camp makes a tremendous difference in people's lives.  We hope that our time at conference will help you make a difference in your career and a positive effect on children and the adults that care for them.  An easy way to make a difference is to commit to giving back.  Please consider donating to our professional development auction.  The proceeds from our fundraising efforts will support a scholarship program, so that a lack of resources isn’t a barrier to great professional development. Any item, large or small, is welcome.  You might also want to offer an experience, for example dinner and a tour of your local attractions, a round of golf or a training you can provide.  Handmade items are always a popular option too.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and creativity.  Please contact Sam Records to let him know what you plan to bring. (301) 535-5001.



ACA Eastern Region Director Jazmin Albarram

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