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Wisconsin Dept. of Health - Interpretations and Policy Clarifications

Regarding Health Care Staff Qualifications, Bound Health Logs and Approved Health Treatment Software 

November 2014  - New Policy Revisions

Health Care Staff Qualifications for Rec-Ed Camps

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has just released a policy update to anwer the question: What courses or combination of courses are approved by the department to satisfy the requirement in Chapter DHS 175.19 (5)(b)1(g) and/or DHS 175.19 (5)(b)1(h) regarding on-site health service staff qualifications?  This new policy clarifies the acceptable qualifications.  Read the details of the policy. (PDF)

October 2014 Interpretations

Bound Health Log Regulations

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has recently released an interpretation regarding what is accepted as a bound Health Log.  This interpretation should be helpful to all licensed camps in Wisconsin.  If you have been using the ACA Health Log, which can be purchased from the ACA Bookstore, you are in compliance.  If your sanitarian questions your log, you can share a copy of this official interpretation, 

Health Treatment Record Software

The state of Wisconsin has created a list of approved Health Treatment Record Software.  If you are currently using or are investigating using one of these you are or will be in compliance to DHS 175.19 (7) b.  But if you are using a different software or plan to use a different software, it needs to be reviewed by the state and a variance granted, or you may be in violation.

Anticipated Future Approval Lists

The state is also currently creating a list of approved lifeguard and wilderness first aid/cpr certifications. Once these lists are complete ACA, Wisconsin will share this information.