Building an Army of Asking Ants!

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Diane Tyrrell

Core Competency

Business Management

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Recorded Webinar


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Ant colonies have been used throughout history as models of industry. As a collective, ants are efficient, surprisingly intelligent, and are among the very few animals that organize themselves to collectively carry loads far heavier than an individual member of their species. Ants working together have an astonishing ability to mix collective muscle with individual initiative, and can adjust their course and outcomes based on intelligence provided by a single ant joining the effort.
So, imagine harvesting those collective strengths where, instead of gathering food for the colony, there was an army of ants raising money for your camp…..

Through this webinar, participants will learn:

  1. Have an increased understanding of who should be part of their fundraising efforts.
  2. Be introduced to the basics of training fearless askers.
  3. The importance of keeping it simple.
  4. The advantages of having youth help tell your story.


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