Quirky Kids: What We Can Do When a Kid Doesn’t “Fit”

Quirky kids


Beth Jenson

Core Competency

Youth Development

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Recorded Webinar


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Every cabin/group has a Quirky Kid or two… these are campers who tend to act, do, and socialize differently from their peer.  Quirky kids often don’t pick up social cues, or else alienate friends with impulsive, spacey, or explosive emotions. Keeping Quirky Kids following camp rules can be a nightmare for a new counselor. And they just can’t stop talking about Magic the Gathering.

Learner Outcomes

During this session, we will

  • Examine your “norms” in what a child is expected to be able to socially do within a camp program
  • Identify some differences between deliberate and unintentional “acting out”
  • Increase staff and peer acceptance, tolerance, and awareness of a wider spectrum of social diversity
  • Give staff awareness and tools in how to socially coach the quirkier kids
  • Enforce tolerance and inclusion amongst their peers for harmless weirdo behavior


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