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Briefing Paper - Adjustment to Separation and Camp

Healthy Camp Toolbox

The "Toolbox" provides a variety of resources for addressing health, safety, & mental health issues in camps.

Healthy Camp Study Update: Ten Promising Practices of a Healthy Camp

Since the outbreak of H1N1 during the summer of 2009, camps have been diligently updating their health and safety protocols and practices for the management of communicable diseases. By accessing and...

When Staff MESH Impacts Camp

Everyone has a mental, emotional, social health (MESH) profile. For most of us, our MESH profile is within a “normal” range. Some days are better than others. Some things push our buttons, others don...

Resources for Camps about Public Violence

ACA has compiled a list of resources for camps to help deal with crisis response and dealing with public violence.

Camper Mental Health

Characteristics of Youth Who Have Caused School-Associated Violent Deaths

Mental Health Issues in Camp

A healthy part of children’s emotional development includes occasional bouts of feeling down or stressed, but how do you know when it’s serious? Depression and anxiety are two of the most common...

What Now? Understanding and Supporting Campers with Mental Health Issues

What's Going On? Are you finding youth more complicated and challenging to work with? Did you know that today one in five youth ages ten to twenty-four years is diagnosed with a defined mental...

Alliance for Camp Health

Formerly the Association of Camp Nursing.