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Camp Security

According to the US Department of Justice (DOJ), the incidence of violent crimes committed against and by children and youth continues to rise in America. This alarming data has youth-serving...

Risk Management: Privacy and Security Risks

The right to privacy is well established in the legal system of the United States. As citizens of the United States, we expect that our right to privacy will be respected. Virtually all businesses...

Resources for Camps about Public Violence

ACA has compiled a list of resources for camps to help deal with crisis response and dealing with public violence.

Computer Network Security — Evolving Risks

According to some experts, 2012 could be the worst year ever for computer network security breaches. In 2011, major companies were victims of massive computer network security breaches. If you listen...

It Can Happen to You: 10 Things You Can Do to Tighten Security at Your Camp

With 3 sites, 14 individual day camps, 500+ acres and more than 5000 campers and staff on our grounds each day, the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds has spent the last 5 years focusing on its unique...

Bomb Threat Webinar PowerPoint Presentation (offered by SCN Network with Department of Homeland Security (DHS))

DHS Bomb Threat Guidance Brochure

DHS Bomb Threat Phone Call Checklist

DHS Active Shooter Response Booklet

Discussion Guide for Camps & Other Organizations Preparing For and Dealing with Violence