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Healthy Camp Study Update: Ten Promising Practices of a Healthy Camp

Since the outbreak of H1N1 during the summer of 2009, camps have been diligently updating their health and safety protocols and practices for the management of communicable diseases. By accessing and...

Farm to Dining Hall: A Camp Farm Program with a Long History

In 1890, the folks who built the water powered grist mill just off Carson Creek, outside Brevard, North Carolina, never envisioned that one day the property surrounding the mill would become Gwynn...

Building a "Healthy Camp": Strategies That Worked!

A Healthy Camp Community Three years ago, the camp community placed a capstone on a significant accomplishment by completing the largest, most comprehensive study of camp-related injuries and...

An Interview with Richard Louv: Using the Nature Principle and Camps to Reduce Nature-Deficit Disorder — for Children and Adults

What progress have you seen in the movement to connect children and nature since you wrote Last Child in the Woods in 2005? Last Child didn’t create the children...

Extreme Heat - Preventing and Identifying Heat-Related Illness

In extreme temperatures and humidity, it is  important to train staff on the dangers of heat-related illnesses, signs of heat-related illnesses, and appropriate preventative measures.

Camp2Grow Youth Leadership and Environmental Stewardship Program Impact Report

Briefing Paper - Injury and Illness in Camps

Healthy Camp Study Impact Report

Healthy Camp Toolbox

The "Toolbox" provides a variety of resources for addressing health, safety, & mental health issues in camps.

Turning Camp Counselors into Nature Specialists: The Pemi Nature Instruction Clinic

Introduction Richard Louv, in his book Last Child in the Woods, “links the absence of nature in the lives of today’s wired generation to some of the most disturbing childhood trends: the...