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Directions: Youth Development Outcomes of the Camp Experience

Research done to determine the outcomes of the camp experience as expressed by parents and children.

Extreme Heat - Preventing and Identifying Heat-Related Illness

In extreme temperatures and humidity, it is  important to train staff on the dangers of heat-related illnesses, signs of heat-related illnesses, and appropriate preventative measures.

ACA Camp Business Operations Report

Access the most recent budget and finance data for camps.

Camp Sites, Facilities, and Programs Report

The ACA Camp Sites, Facilities, and Programs Report: 2020 is an invaluable resource for camps interested in examining their business operations around programs, grounds, and...

Camper Enrollment and Staff Recruitment Trends Report

In the fall of each year, the ACA research team polls its members about their enrollment and staffing trends during the summer season. Members respond anonymously and voluntarily, meaning the...

Emerging Issues

As camp professionals, you know the world of camp is ever-changing.  In an effort to meet the needs of our dynamic camp community, ACA set out to determine the current and emerging issues that...

2010 Camp-School Partnership Survey

The Camp-School Partnership Survey was distributed to 2,400+ ACA camps between December 2009 to January 2010 to better understand how the camp community intersects with the school community. This...

Camp-Related Research Bibliographies

ACA Youth Outcomes Battery: Staff and Parent Perceptions

Adult Perceptions of Outcomes' Growth Two new versions of the ACA YOB were created to allow adults to make reliable and valid judgments about children’s outcome achievements...

Youth Outcomes Battery Norms

Overview of the Norming Process for the ACA Youth Outcomes Battery *We wish to acknowledge the contributions and leadership provided by the ACA Committee for the Advancement of Research and...