ACA Staff Training Certificates

ACA’s Staff Training Certificate Courses are more than just online training! These intensive online courses are self-directed learning opportunities that help build the added qualifications you and your staff need in today’s world. Each certificate course covers all thirteen core competencies required to run a camp successfully and includes curriculum components suited to a variety of learning styles. Continuing education credits available.

Progression of Competencies for All CAQs

ACA’s Staff Training Certificate Courses are designed for individuals from varied audiences interested in expanding their knowledge and skills related to particular roles in camp or related youth development work.  These staff training certificate courses are considered foundational for the varied audiences addressed since all thirteen core competencies are addressed within each certificate course. Individuals can complete the competency-based requirements and learning activities for one or more certificates, as warranted by their professional needs, time, and interests.

Candidates for each certificate move through the curriculum components at their own pace and complete the required learning activities when ready. Requirements vary by certificate but can include reading articles, posting to an online forum, completing journal entries, viewing videos, conducting observations, and having discussions with a colleague.

A digital badge suitable for use with social media and electronic communication as well as a certificate suitable for printing are awarded upon the successful completion of requirements and learning activities. Continuing education credits (CECs) are awarded for participation and completion of the certificate courses and vary from 15 to 20 CECs per certificate. ACA maintains an educational history for all educational and professional development activities of current members that can be reported as a transcript. Demonstrate to your boss or future employer your commitment to your own professional development or consider investing in the development of your own competent staff!

Digital Badges

ACA Certificate Course (CAQ) learners earn a digital badge for each successfully completed CAQ. This digital credential represents the skills, knowledge, and competencies gained by completion of the course content and reflect educational experiences beyond the classroom. Badges are digital tokens containing embedded metadata that verifies the specifications, required by ACA, which have been met by the learner. This metadata includes the name of the issuer, the recipient’s email address, a link to the criteria, a short description of the badge, and the issue and expiration dates of the badge.

The learner can place the badge into a “backpack,” a portfolio-style server account, where the award is stored alongside badges from other grantors. This badge repository might be the Mozilla-hosted Badge Backpack, or it might be a backpack hosted by another provider.  A collection of badges can function as a portfolio that may eventually be accessible from a variety of social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus. When badges serve as part of a résumé or portfolio, they tell prospective employers a more detailed story about the projects and activities that define a student’s learning, including both the hard and soft skills that were acquired. Read more.