Show Us the Money

All camp administrators want their business operations expenses to end up on the positive side of the budget ledger. However, many directors are unaware of how their expenses and revenues compare to other camps' business operations. Every three years the American Camp Association (ACA) collects this information in the ACA Camp Business Operations Survey. In the fall of 2014, we asked a 75-percent random sample of our ACA-accredited camps to share their business data for revenues, expenses, weekly registration costs, scholarships and discounts, and marketing techniques.

Business Management & Practices

Develop and implement sound business practices that include fiscal responsibility, marketing, e-business, and other technological applications.

Competency Aspiration

Develop a business model and practices that are implemented in an ethical and responsible manner and adhere to legal policies and practices resulting in customer satisfaction and organizational sustainability.

Camps as Evacuation or Temporary Housing Centers

Camps may be called upon by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) — or another government agency or community organization — to serve as evacuation centers. The Department of Homeland Security may also contact camps about serving as housing for children and/or adults who are temporarily under their care.  In any of these cases, camps need to consider all of the implications of agreeing to be a host site.  In recent years, a number of camps have partnered with FEMA and others to take on these responsibilities.  They learned some important lessons when they were asked to help.

Camp Sites, Facilities, and Programs Report

Examine your camp's business operations around programs, grounds, and facilities.