International Campers Attending Camps in the U.S. - What You Need to Know

Many camps in the United States welcome international campers into their program and value the important cultural exchange that happens when American children are given the opportunity to live side-by-side with children from other countries.  If you live outside of the United States and are interested in sending your child to camp in the U.S., you may need to obtain a visa from the U.S. Department of State.

The Case for Camp — Why Kids Need It Now More Than Ever

Change is a part of life. It is often directly related to survival and can enrich one's life in ways unexpected. Childhood is in essence a time of profound change and development. It is exciting and disquieting at the same time. When it comes to our children, we need to be sure that change is made for the better.

We've been so concentrated on the brain, we forget about the rest of our bodies. This change in focus has lead to an obesity rate that is unacceptable. Our kids are not as healthy as the generation before.

The Great Education Debate: Camp Has A Place In Childhood Development

Education reform is big news right now. The push for a nationwide move to year-round school is gaining steam, and the rhetoric is increasing. The issue at the forefront of this debate is summer learning loss. Yes, gone is the sunny disposition with regard to "the lazy days of summer."

Summer Camp Should Be Mandatory for a Child: It Changes Lives

Call it an emotional report card.

It was one of those moments that give you a reality check on how your kid really feels about you deep down.

I had just rounded the bend that led to her cabin at Camp Christopher, a residential campground in Bath Township. It was Saturday, and she had been gone for six days — the longest she had been separated from her mother and me during her eleven years on the planet.

Camps Speak an International Language

There’s a passionate debate going on — whether men and women should share child-rearing responsibilities — even if it means the father sometimes stays at home. Native American, Nigerian, Kyrgyz, Israeli, Bosnian, Azerbaijani, and American teens each express their points of view. And it’s only 9 a.m. at the Global Youth Village, a leadership camp for adolescents thirteen to eighteen.

Children and Nature: How Camp Teaches Kids to Think Green!

After a long day of exercise and fun at camp, children’s eyes can be much bigger than their stomachs! Camps across the country are encouraging children to put on their plates only what they will eat, then camps teach children about recycling by converting the leftovers into compost. The compost is then used to fertilize the fields that create food for the campers!

Children and Nature Belong Together

How Camp Teaches Kids to Think Green!
Camp programs are among the very best ways for children to learn a lasting appreciation for nature and a lifelong interest in caring for the earth.

The Natural Gifts of Camp 
By Richard Louv

Family Fun Ideas to Get Green!
Ten ways for you and your child to connect with nature.

Resources to Help Children Cope with Crisis

Dowload a July 2011 update of this information.

As crisis events play out in the media there may be an increase in the anxiety level and apprehensions of both adults and children. For many children, the guidance of caring adults will not only help reduce their stress but help them develop life-long emotional and psychological coping skills.

How to Choose a Camp: Safety Tips


ACA Accreditation assures parents that the camp has had a regular, independent safety audit that goes beyond regulations in most states.

Accreditation is different than licensing.

Videos for Summer Camp Parents

Thinking about sending your child to summer camp? Watch these videos on the benefits of a camp experience and the impact it has on the lives of former campers.