Aquatic Safety for Staff

It's a bright, sunny, warm day and you and your friends have the next twenty-four hours off. Not far from camp, about an hour away, is a remote yet popular swimming area where you can hang out, swim, play in the water, and have fun. Before you go, here are ten quick tips to keep in mind that will keep you safe when making plans for aquatics fun on your time off.

Experienced Program Staff Certificate

The Experienced Program Staff Certificate course is specifically designed for experienced program staff who have worked with young people in a camp, afterschool, summer enrichment program, or in other community-based youth settings. The activities in this course provide opportunities to apply the lessons to the learner’s own past youth work experiences within the framework of typical work expectations for more experienced program staff.

Camp Is for the Camper

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It is imperative that counselors see themselves as role models for campers and act accordingly. Parents place a great deal of trust in camps and camp counselors when they send their children to camp. Wouldn't it be great if staff could think about this aspect of camp before they even arrive at camp? Well now they can! ACA most popular online course will help you with the responsibility of training camp counselors.

Entry-Level Program Staff Certificate

Want to work with young people in a camp, afterschool, summer enrichment programs, or other community-based youth settings but lack experience?