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Calling all camp staff: Get an insider peek at our exclusive new rewards program.

What Is Experticity?
Experticity is an exclusive online community that offers outdoor experts up to 70% off select merchandise from major brands like Kelty, Wilson, Salomon, Goal Zero, Garmin, and many more. They create relationships with these brands to help them connect with professionals who are influential in their industry. Brands want to give influencers like you this unique access because they understand you are often asked for advice on what to buy and are hopeful you will enjoy their products enough to recommend them.

Who Is Eligible for the Pro Deal?
Any ACA member, as well as the year-round and seasonal staff they hire (regardless of their affiliation with ACA).

How Do I Sign Up?
Just use the unique code you received and sign up at or on the Experticity mobile app. If you haven’t received your code yet, call ACA to receive it and unlock your access.  Keep in mind, each code is unique and can only be used once.  If your camp is sharing with your staff, each individual employee will have to create their own account.

Why Should I Sign Up?
In addition to the incredible discounts, people on Experticity get a first look at new gear and apparel. This is a fantastic way to add value to your ACA membership — as well as extend a significant employee benefit to your year round and seasonal staff members!  Because brands like these recognize that outdoor experts like you know more, do more — and deserve more.  

Join Now

Signing up is simple and free:

  • Redeem your special code on or on the Experticity app.  Need a code?  Email Kim Bruno or call her at 765-349-3309.  
  • Complete your profile to lock in your access:  You will have to provide your ACA member number, copy of a paycheck stub or a copy of your camp hire letter to be accepted to the group and get your discounts.  Besure to check on the Learn areas on some of the products.  The more your learn the more you earn.  Become the expert.
  • Start enjoying up to 70% off top outdoor brands 

Offering an amazing opportunity like Experticity to our dedicated outdoor staff is one of the easiest decisions I had to make.  They deserve to be rewarded and it takes very little management on our part.  I am a huge fan of Experticity for my own use and also love that we can offer this amazing benefit to our staff.  If you aren’t doing this, you are robbing your staff of an amazing benefit.”   - Jeff Cheley, Director, Cheley Camps.