Camp Is for the Camper

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American Camp Association and Paul Schlag

Core Competency

Youth Development

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Online Course


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ACA's #1 Best Selling Course and Book!

It is imperative that counselors see themselves as role models for campers and act accordingly. Parents place a great deal of trust in camps and camp counselors when they send their children to camp. Wouldn't it be great if staff could think about this aspect of camp before they even arrive at camp? Well now they can! ACA most popular online course will help you with the responsibility of training camp counselors.

The Camp Is for the Camper Online Training, Second Edition gives staff a jumpstart in considering their roles and responsibilities before arriving at camp. The program content draws from the best selling book, Camp Is for the Camper. Buy this book!

Learner Outcomes 
As a result of this course your staff will:

  • Understand their responsibilities as a role model
  • Be better able to deal with the stresses of camp
  • Learn about the stages of youth development 
  • Explore behavior management techniques

Prepare your counselors to serve your campers!

Course Length: 2 hours 


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  • The cost of the course allows you to buy access to ACA courses in multiples of 10. You can purchase as many sets of ten as you need. 
  • Your staff may complete the program at their convenience.