Gan Israel Gifting our Campers (and ourselves) with Character


Rabbi Zalmy Kudan, Director Camp Gan Israel S. Barbara

Type of Course

Partner Online Course


(1 Hour) - $5/participant



Are you ready to go from counselor to educator?  Do you want your campers to know you "get them".  Do you know that "there must be a better way"?This course gives you the skills to turn any negative character into a teachable moment.  Learn the art of real "chinuch" education, where you are building character, and affecting long-lasting change in yourself and the children in your care. Participants will learn to:

  1. See our job as child professionals to gift children with good qualities, not just manage them
  2. Recognize the good instead of the challenge.
  3. Identify teachable moments in everything; especially the challenging times.
  4. Stay calm and in control of yourself, and your campers
  5. Use the power of Teshuva to help campers save face, reset, and move on past their mistakes.  

For Staff and Head Staff with 2+ years experience