Camp Culture or Cultural Appropriation? Identifying Indigenous Erasure and Stereotypes to Reduce Harm

Cheryl Ellenwood


Dr. Cheryl Ellenwood

Core Competency

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Importance of DEI

Type of Course

Recorded Webinar


$20 Member; $40 Nonmember

This webinar will discuss cultural appropriation and the damage perpetuated by camps with harmful stereotypes. Cheryl will discuss how whiteness permeates organizational and camp actions that reproduce Indigenous erasure and white supremacy. The goal of this webinar is to become familiar with the uncomfortable and to recognize the common and everyday behavior of cultural appropriation that is widespread in camps and many organizations. 

By the end of this event participants will learn actionable items to combat Indigenous erasure, reduce harm for Indigenous Peoples, and confront situations with an anti-racist approach that is more inclusive and equitable.

Cheryl Ellenwood
is a citizen of the Nez Perce Nation of Idaho and is also Navajo. She is a Researcher and Assistant Professor at the Center for Native American Research & Collaboration at Washington State University. She examines topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion including more equitable philanthropic practices, the impact of racial representation on public and nonprofit client services, and Indigenous-led and minority-led organizations. She has worked with Native-led organizations in both the public and private sector. Her experiences growing up on the Nez Perce Indian reservation inspires much of her work to examine structural inequalities and combat Indigenous erasure. She is a former development officer for the American Indian College Fund and is also currently an Indigenous Data Sovereignty Fellow for the Native Nations Institute at the Udall Center for Public Policy.  

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