Project Real Job’s Innovation Boot Camp - Shark Tank Event - Ideas Around Staff Motivation

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Kim Aycock and Daniel Shore

Core Competency

Human Resources

Type of Course

Recorded Webinar


Free until March 17, 2021

Shark Tank for Camp Pros, and YOU are the Sharks (i.e., judges)! A cohort of over 40 camp leaders, staff, and students were given the prompt, “What is one new way you can motivate staff leading up to Summer 2021?” They spent several weeks developing innovative ideas during a PRJ Innovation Boot Camp. In this webinar, you will (1) hear teams pitch their ideas, (2) have the opportunity to ask questions, and (3) reflect on how to bring these innovative ideas back to camp. 

The PRJ Innovation Boot Camp features teams comprised of camp professionals and students from Clemson University, some of whom are seasonal camp staff. In true camp fashion, the teams created their own names. Come cheer on our 9 teams: #1 Innovators, NRWP (Nothing Rhymes With Purple), MK & Her 3 Children, Grey Wolves, Golden Dragons, Team 6, Bull’s Eye, Lucky 8’s and Innovation Exploration. 

Learner Outcomes:

  • Analyze how the innovative ideas being presented are applicable to the staff challenges faced at camp
  • Identify how to apply or modify these ideas/approaches to challenges around staff motivation 
  • Engage in discussion around bringing an innovative staff motivation idea back to camp


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