Giving Constructive Feedback to Sensitive Staff Members Without Them Hating You

Ever had staff tell you they want more feedback and then when you give it, especially if it’s negative, their feelings get hurt? CampCode podcast hosts Gab, Beth, and Ruby tackle one of the hardest and most important skills as a staff manager: giving feedback. This session will share techniques to create a culture of feedback and show how to facilitate opportunities for a healthy exchange of feedback among your camp team.

By the end of the webinar participant will:

  1. Learn ways to offer real opportunities for feedback throughout a summer staff team through a variety of media.
  2. Practice giving hard feedback to staff members and learn how to give feedback to staff the way they want to receive it.
  3. Practice establishing rapport and learn how to give feedback in a way that participants feel cared for rather than criticized.
  4. They will learn how to train staff on the feedback process during staff training.
Ruby Compton, Beth Allison, and Gabrielle Raill


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Presenter Bio(s)

Stephanie "Ruby" Compton has a passion for collaborating with #camppros to understand how to make camping a sustainable career. After working in a variety of roles at day, overnight, and school-year programs, Ruby calls Western North Carolina home where she is the WNC Program Director for the non-profit Muddy Sneakers. Ruby is one of the hosts of the camp leadership training podcast CampCode and she also volunteers with ACA by being a Standards Visitor. She is a proud member of WNC EPIC.

Beth Allison is a former Executive Director of five summer camps in Ontario, Canada. She is currently a camp consultant, author, trainer, and one of the hosts of Camp Code, a CampHacker podcast dedicated to leadership training.  After 35 years in camping, she is passionate about building community, teaching young adults to live purposeful lives, and is a sucker for a great acronym.

Gabrielle Raill is the director of Camp Ouareau, all-girls residential camp in the Quebec Laurentians and is the Canadian Representative for the International Camping Fellowship. She is also a member of both the CampHacker and CampCode podcast teams and has collaborated on a team-building program for NASA astronauts. Her main areas of interest include women in leadership, building positive female community, and visual communication through graphic design and video media.