2010 Golden Quill and Golden Lens Winners

Golden Quill Award

Michelle Robbins Broth
Meredith Katherine Jones
Creating Camp Narratives to Enhance Emotional Growth of HIV+ Youth

Golden Lens Award
Climbing High by Brian Zaro

2012 Golden Quill and Golden Lens Winners

Golden Quill Award
Marcy and Bob Brower
Desegregating Circle M Day Camp: A Determination to Succeed (January/February 2011)

Golden Quill Award of Excellence
Bob Ditter
For three articles:

ACA, Wisconsin 2016 Award Winners

Presented on November 6, 2016 at Camp Manito-wish YMCA 


Excellence in Program Award Winners - Camp Phuoojywg-Friend (Friend-Friend) and Camp Anokijig Youth Shooting Sports Program

Camp Phuoojywg-Friend (Friend-Friend), Dr. Maysee Yang Herr and Yauo Yang

It is a 2 week day camp program for kids K-12.  Dr. Herr and Yauo Yang co-founded this camp 4 years ago at the request of the K-12 Districts in Wausau and DC Everest, and the Hmong community.  The camp addresses the following outcomes:

Awards in ACA, Wisconsin

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Awards in ACA, Indiana

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ACA, Indiana Awards

Heart and Soul Award

The Heart and Soul Award is the highest honor awarded by ACA, Indiana to individuals and organizations. One is awarded annually unless the Awards Committee determines that no candidate is available for that year.

To qualify, the individual must meet the following criteria:

Awards in ACA, Southeastern

The Southeastern Region has awards which were established to honor member involvement on the local level. All members of the Southeastern Region have the right and are encouraged to nominate people for the following recognition awards.

Submission Deadline - August 30
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The following awards are given at the Southeastern Fall Camp Conference each year: