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Your program's assets are many! Check out these resources that will help you maintain your edge.

As an independent for-profit camp, the value of ACA membership is incredibly important. It allows us to have professional guidance, information, connections, and sooo much more. ~ 2015 survey respondent

Facts about Free Memberships

Who is this free membership for?
This program was originally designed to help connect as many frontline staff (or counselors) as possible with their first professional association. However, we are happy to have you connect as many of your staff members and board members with ACA as you wish. Don't forget your unit leaders, team leaders, program leaders, midlevel staff, counselors, food service staff, health care staff, maintenance staff, and board members. 


ACA provides educational resources, research, policy work, outreach to parents, families, and other professionals to build safer, healthier, more fun environments where children and youth can become leaders, environmental stewards, and a healthier population. By joining ACA, you make the world a better place.

Accredited-Camp Logo

You may be eligible to use one of the logos of the American Camp Association. ACA logos are carefully protected by trademark laws – logos are not to be altered in any way, except for size

Promoting Your Camp - Recommended Language

Many camps like to promote their accreditation status and their relationship to ACA. We encourage you to do this. There are specific words we prefer you use and not use when describing your accreditation or membership.

ACA Individual Membership Rates

Full membership rate for individuals both within and outside of the United States is $200.

ACA also offers the following discounts for individuals:

Individuals: What Can ACA Do for You?

ACA brings you tools, networks, and exceptional learning resources. ACA members benefit from shared and collective knowledge, insights, experiences, and connections. As an ACA individual member, you will enjoy the following:

Camps: What Can ACA Do for You?

ACA supports your camp or program with staff training resources, risk management tools, quality assessment tools, advocacy, experts, networking, savings, and more!

By becoming a member or ACA-Accredited® camp, your organization is communicating its commitment to a quality camp experience — one of professionalism, qualified staff, and superior programming. As a member of ACA, your camp will become part of a dynamic and knowledgeable community. You will be better equipped to serve your campers, participants, and families.

Share the Value of ACA Membership

Looking for a way to increase professionalism and retention among your staff? Here's an incredibly affordable way to do just that.

When you give an ACA membership, you're offering a bonus to worthy staff, you're supporting their professional development, you're increasing the possibility staff will return to your program.