Membership — Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Call 800-428-2267 for more information.

Stage Production Licensing

At this time, ACA does not have any type of agreement with Music Theatre International (MTI), and the ASCAP license rarely applies to these stage productions and/or their music.

Music Licensing at Camp - Know the Law

ACA and the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) have continued their agreement that allows ACA-accredited® camps to use ASCAP licensed music without paying any licensing fees. ACA pays ASCAP one dollar per camp per year for all ASCAP licensed music. ACA-accredited camps are automatically included in the agreement with ASCAP. This agreement is for music used/sung on the camp premises.

Showing Movies at Camp? Know the Licensing Laws

Movies are an easy, affordable way to entertain campers of all ages. Whether it’s an outdoor movie under the stars, a dive-in film on the beach, or simply a rainy afternoon, movies are a popular way to supplement camp activities.

ACA Membership for Businesses

Gain access to a $3.6 billion dollar industry.  Reach over 3,100 ACA member camps and youth professionals with information about your programs, products, and supplies every year. Becoming an ACA Business Affiliate is the easiest introduction to the unique camp community. Access to exclusive benefits is only available through Business Affiliation.

ACA Membership for Camps

Members of ACA have for decades been giving children and adults quality opportunities to learn powerful lessons in community, leadership, character-building, skill development, and healthy living. Join ACA and get inspired about the good work you are doing.

ACA Membership for Individuals

ACA members and volunteers have expertise in virtually every aspect of camp and youth development. You can build strong relationships with others in your field who share your commitment and can help you realize your vision and the work of preserving, promoting, and improving the camp experience for more youth. Joining together with a purpose strengthens your own work.