Connecting with Campers in the Age of Screens, Social Media, and Fortnite

Connecting with campers can be difficult for summer camp counselors now that campers have more screen time than ever.

Begin with the End in Mind

The first thing summer camp counselors should do going into camp season is decide how they want campers to remember them once the season ends.

Staff Training and Preparation – Updated

Staff are the front line in advancing the mission of the camp, protecting the camp, and, most importantly, protecting the campers from harm.

Boys Will Be Boys, Girls Are Just Mean

So you are working at a children's camp this summer. Your role as a counselor is perhaps the most important role at camp. Not only are you there to ensure the kids have a great time, but also to keep them safe.

What does "keep safe" mean? It means to protect from danger, care for their well-being. You already know the obvious safety risks posed by swimming, boating, transportation, and food/water contamination.

Practical Tools for Addressing MESH Needs at Camp

Camp participants and staff experience a range of emotions throughout camp. Some emotional responses are the normal reaction to a new situation while others struggle from a diagnosed condition. Camps must identify strategies to address the mental, emotional, and social health of youth (including staff) during the program. Facility design, programmatic structure, and staff focus are a few ways that camps are beginning to address MESH-related concerns. This session addresses MESH concerns by sharing practical tools for working with individuals that experience MESH issues.

Lessons Learned from Another Year of the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline - 2018

The ACA Hotline is a year-round, twenty-four-hour-a-day service provided to any ACA camp or member who needs help in a crisis. Each year, ACA analyzes the hotline issues and provides case studies and resources to assist in crisis management, staff training, and preparation for the unexpected, providing valuable lessons every camp can learn. This webinar explores situations from the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline that arose in 2018. Learn from the experiences of other camps in crisis situations.

Case Studies from the 2018 Crisis Hotline Annual Review

All of the following case studies were actual calls to the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline that the Hotline team has identified for a more in-depth look. These cases serve as examples for other camps to use in staff training and the development of their own risk and crisis management plans. Our hope is that by understanding the actual crisis events encountered by other camps, your camp can learn and prepare.

A U.S. Secret Service Agent's Guide to Creating Safe Camps

This webinar is meant to provide participants with concepts to proactively develop and/or improve safety and security at their camps and outdoor venues.  The presentation will include discussion about threat assessments of facilities, continuity of operations planning, standard operating procedures, training for staff, and other important features.  Participants will feel that they can proactively and positively promote a safe and secure outdoor venue without imposing on the serenity and ambiance of their location.