School Comes to Camp: A New Era in Funding Camp/School Partnerships

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Think camp!  Think academics surrounded with the enrichment experiences camps traditionally provide. Add in the social emotional learning skills camps reinforce.  The result is a community based expanded learning experience dedicated to the whole child.  It is a partnership between the K-12 educational community and the out of school time community – including CAMP.  This is the new era.  This three-part series will explore that relationship including opportunities, funding sources, program design, resources, research, case studies. Think CAMP!

Participants can register for the entire series or, for each session individually. 

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Presenter Bios (PDF)


Session 1: Intro – What is Expanded Learning? 

Expanded learning opportunities are being encouraged after many months of student learning loss.  How could your camp be part of this funded universal educational approach using community partners to help meet the needs of the whole child?  

Participants will understand:

  • Role of expanded learning in meeting student educational as well as social emotional learning needs
  • Models of partnership between education and community out of school time youth development programs
  • Role of environmental literacy in educational partnerships
  • Vital role camps can play as a vibrant community partner 
  • Role of outdoor learning in meeting the needs of the whole child.”
  • Challenges of blending K-12 education and the out of school time communit


  • Eric Arnold, Executive Director Hale Reservation
  • Karen Cowe, Chief Executive Officer Ten Strands
  • Aaron Dworkin, CEO National Summer Learning Association, Board Member American Camp Association
  • Lizabeth Fogel, Education Consultant, incoming Board Chair American Camp Association
  • Sharon Kosch, American Camp Association Government Affairs Committee
  • Ellie Mitchell, Director Maryland Out of School Time Network

Watch Session 1 (Handouts)

Session 2:  Finances, Funding, and Partnering – Where are the Funding Streams? 

Explore the nuts and bolts of entering a community based educational partnership as a camp.  Finding funding, building relationships, using research to present your proposal, and examining why it’s important for youth.

Participants will understand:

  • Ways to research funding sources and requirements/prerequisites to access funds
  • Steps to develop local advocacy for use of funds and presenting partnering plans
  • Steps to develop evidence-based programs that meet educational standards.
  • Ways to build relationships within the K-12 community
  • How to use camp-based research on social emotional learning to strengthen the proposed partnership


  • Scott Brody, Board Chair American Camp Association, Director Evergreen Kenwood Camps
  • Laurie Browne, Director of Research, American Camp Association
  • Henry DeHart, COO American Camp Association
  • Cathy Scheder, Second Nature Partners
  • Sharon Kosch, American Camp Association Government Affairs Committee

Session 3: Resources, Experts, and Success Stories 

Meet camp professionals who are working in partnership with the educational community.  Examine case studies.  Hear the successes as well as the challenges.  What would they recommend for future partnerships?

Participants will understand:

  • Details of differing partnership models and their success
  • Resources available for support
  • Questions that should be considered for an individual camp before making the decision to proceed


  • Sharon Kosch, American Camp Association Government Affairs Committee
  • Eric Arnold, Executive Director, Hale Reservation
  • Tom Fraker, CEO and Founder, Pathways to Learning

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