ACA, Ohio Grants Program

ACA, Ohio is proud to be able to offer the Grants Program. This program awards grants for the purpose of improving and expanding the camp experience in Ohio. Any member (camp or individual) of ACA, Ohio is eligible to apply for a grant. This unique program has been made possible through the investment of the proceeds of the 1983 ACA National Camping Convention, held in Cincinnati.

Annually, the Grants Committee will be appointed to review grant proposals and make recommendations to the ACA, Ohio Local Council of Leaders who will authorize the expenditure for the Grants Program. Grant awards are not to exceed $2,500. Grant monies awarded may be less and more than one worthy grant may be awarded as funds are available.

Guidelines for Consideration

ACA, Ohio is committed to high standards in the field of organized camping. Any proposal submitted for consideration should reflect this attitude and meet the following criteria:

  • The program or project must be a new, creative project that will address the needs of persons utilizing our camps and enhance the camp experience.
  • The objective of the Grants Program is to enhance programming. Proposals should be geared towards programs or have a programmatic focus. It must be a project that will enhance the quality of the camp experience.
  • It must be a project that will be of direct benefit to the persons using our camps.
  • If possible, the program should be able to be replicated by other camps or individuals, further enhancing the camp experience for all.
  • The project should be cost effective and the requested amount should not exceed $2,500. Collaborations, partnerships and multi-faceted funded projects are welcome.
  • In order to apply, camps must be current members in good standing (either accredited or affiliated camps may apply) of ACA, Ohio or individuals must be current members in good standing of ACA, Ohio.
  • The grant recipient(s) should be willing to present a session at one of the ACA, Ohio educational events or cluster event, further educating members about the project.

The goal of the ACA, Ohio's Grants Program is to provide ACA, Ohio camps and members an opportunity for funding to further enhance the camp experience. The Grants Program strives to award grants in an objective manner remaining consistent with the criteria outlined above.

ACA, Ohio reserves the right to not award the grant if, in the opinion of the Grants committee, no proposal meets the grant criteria.

Application Procedures

Requests for funding MUST be made in writing and respond to the following in the order presented:

  • Contact Information - Name, address, email and contact number(s) of the camp or member who is applying for the grant. If a camp is applying, a contact person is needed. Please include the current camp ACA membership number, the current individual ACA member number or both.
  • Project Title and Explanation – Please be specific in explaining exactly what the project is and how it will be run.
  • Purpose - Explain how the project is new and creative and how it addresses the needs of the persons utilizing your camp. How will this project enhance the camp experience? Who, exactly, will benefit from the project, how will they benefit from this project and to what extent? What are the long term benefits of this project?
  • Budget - What is the total cost of the project? What is the amount being requested from the Grants Program. Are there other sources of funding? Please specifically explain how the grant money will be used? Will your project be affected if the entire amount requested is not awarded to you?
  • Time Framework - What are the dates of the project and when is the money needed? Is the request for a special one year project or a project that will be ongoing?

Review Of Projects

Proposals will be judged objectively on the same criteria stated above by the Grants Committee. The Grants Committee will then make recommendations to the ACA, Ohio Local Council of Leaders for final approval. The Grants Committee Chair will notify all applicants as to the status of their application by no later than February 22. Official announcement of the grant recipient/s will take place on February 22, during the Ohio Camp Community Connection. You can register to attend the Camp Community Connect here. All decisions are final and copies of the proposals become the property of ACA, Ohio to be shared with our entire membership. Projects may be resubmitted to the committee. Grants Committee members are not eligible to apply for a grant.


Evaluation - A written evaluation of the project including visual documentation (pictures) is required within 60 days of completion of the project based on your above timeline. Failure to submit an evaluation report may result in the Grants Committee and the ACA, Ohio Local Council of Leaders seeking return of the funds. In addition, grant recipients should be prepared to present their evaluation to the Grants Committee and to the Ohio membership at the Ohio Camping Conference or other educational event.

All proposals must be received by January 31, 2022.

PLEASE limit the length of your proposal as much as possible. Brevity, efficiency and succinctness are appreciated. Letters of support, articles or data relating to the project may be included as appendices. All proposals must be submitted electronically to the Grants Committee Chair, Dave Devey, at Electronic submissions must be in the Microsoft Word format only. Hard copies of proposals will not be accepted. If this is a problem, please contact Dave Devey, see information below.

This program was approved by the ACA Ohio Section Board of Directors at their regular meeting on May 16, 1984.

Proposals, correspondence or requests for additional information should be addressed to:
ACA, Ohio Grants Program
Dave Devey
Falcon Camp
4251 Delta Rd SW
Carrollton OH 44615

Previous Grant Program Recipients

  • 2000 Grant for 2001: Habitat in the Making Report (MS Word)
  • 2001 Grant for 2002: Camp ADAPT Proposal and Report (MS Word)
  • 2002 Grant for 2003: Baby Steps for Young Mothers
  • 2003 Grant for 2004: Camp Joy for Core Camp Collaborative
  • 2004 Grant for 2005: 4H Camp Graham - Camp Operation Purple
  • 2005 Co-Grant for 2006: YMCA Camp Willson - Healthy Kids Initiative Proposal (PDF) and Report (PDF)
  • 2005 Co-Grant for 2006: Camp Otterbein - Ultimate Survival Style Adventure Proposal (MS Word) and Report (PDF)
  • 2006 Co-Grant for 2007: Camp Whitewood - Fishy Science Program Proposal and Report
  • 2006 Co-Grant for 2007: YMCA Camp Kern - "Into the Trees" Proposal and Report
  • 2007 Grant for 2008: YMCA Camp Campbell Gard - "Fight Club – Transforming a Community" Report
  • 2008 Grant for 2009: Campfire USA Central Ohio - "Family Nature Club" Proposal
  • 2009 Grant for 2010: YMCA Camp Ernst - Camp Ernst Adventures Proposal and Report
  • 2010 Grant for 2011: The Grants Committee, supported by the ACA Ohio Board, decided not to award a grant this year. 
  • 2011 Grant for 2012: Marmon Valley - "Insight Summer Horse Camp" Proposal and Report
  • 2012 Grant for 2013: 4-H Camp Whitewood - Proposal and Report 
  • 2013 Grant for 2014: Blue Ash YMCA Camp Creekwood Discover Cincinnati – Proposal and Report
  • 2014 Grant for 2015: 4H Camp Ohio Garden to Table – Proposal and Report
  • 2015 Grant for 2016: Camp Oty’Okwa Incorporating Literacy at Camp – Proposal
  • 2016 Co-Grant for 2017: Camp Joy – Arts and Crafts Service Program – Proposal and Report
  • 2016 Co-Grant for 2017: Cincinnati JCC – Bird is the Word – Proposal and Report
  • 2017 Grant for 2018: YMCA Camp Ernst: Family Day at Camp Ernst – Proposal
  • 2018 Grant for 2019: Camp Oty'Okwa's Life Skills Camp – Proposal and Report
  • 2019 Grant for 2020: Camp Ho Mita Koda, CHMK Homesteading Initiative — Proposal
  • 2021 Grant for 2022: Sunbury Urban Farm - Herbal Adventures: Growing and Using Herbs for a Healthy Body and Planet - Proposal