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2024 ACA Staffing Summit

ACA Inc., ACA, New York and New Jersey, ACA, Illinois and ACA, New England are proud to present the 2024 Staffing Summit. The 2024 Staffing Summit will feature critical learning, speaker panels,...

Empowering Staff with Trauma-Sensitive Strategies for Responding to Reports

The manner in which staff reacts to a camper’s first telling of an incident of sexual misconduct can make all the difference in the experience of the camper, as well as the effective resolution of...

Camp Crisis Hotline

The Hotline serves as a resource for camps in crisis and provides callers the opportunity to talk through their crisis with a trained third-party.

April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Join ACA and thousands of youth-serving organizations across the country in taking a stand to prevent sexual abuse of the children we care for and serve.

Staff and Camper Codes of Conduct: A Powerful Defense against Abuse

For too long, the topic of child sexual abuse prevention at camp — and other youth-serving organizations — was focused too narrowly on keeping abusers out. Whether it was through criminal background...

Template Resource Documents for Camp Operations

ACA is committed to providing resources to assist in your camp's operation. These resources include sample schedules, planning forms, charts of accounts, supply lists, and more. These samples...

Staff Recruitment & Retention Downloadable Handouts

These free resources help tell the story about the importance of adding summer camp experience to a resume!

CampSafe® Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Training your staff to the level of safety and professionalism that you and your camp families expect becomes a greater challenge each year.  Your primary focus is safety and that includes the...

Dynamic Interviewing: Making Connections Across the Season

If you’re not referring to your interview questions across the season and turning them into outcomes for your staff, let me tell you why you should.

Do Employers Understand Summer Camp?

We need to educate the workforce on why they should hire people who worked at camp.