Developing and Keeping Great Counselors

It takes a great staff to make a great camp. Jack Weiner once said: "With the right counselors, camp could be held in a parking lot." When one looks at all of the possible aspects of camp in which to invest, I say "Your staff." Staff retention is an investment; an investment of both money and time. Let's start at the beginning . . . .

Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring to Ensure the Best of the Best

Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring staff is the most important part of your job as a camp director. It is the single most time-consuming and, at times, tedious task you will undertake. However, investing the time and being truly present in the process will help you to avoid some future mistakes. Your staff are the people that families are trusting to take care of their children. They are the people that you will trust to keep your campers safe and to do the right thing both when you are present and when you are not present.

Staff Retention, Recruiting, and Revving Up in the Off-Season

By this point in the year, you've processed your staff evaluations, and you've been thinking about those difficult decisions: "Should I hire her back?" or "This person just didn't cut it; is it time for him to move on?" So, how do you begin to prepare to form your staff for 2010? Here are some simple yet effective tips some simple, yet effective tips you can "Do Now!" that will help retain, recruit, and rev up your best possible staff.

A Quick Two-Step Process to Get Started

Preparing for a Job Fair

Get set up for success at any camp job fair by following some simple guidelines: