ACA, Chesapeake Leadership

ACA, Chesapeake Local Council of Leaders



LCOL Co-Chair
Mark Orens
Bar-T Ranch
18753 North Frederick Avenue Suite 203
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

LCOL Co-Chair
Lana Smith
The Y in Central Maryland
303 W. Chesapeake Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21204

2020 National Conference: Opportunities to Volunteer

Here is your chance to volunteer to help. Whether you would like to work as a volunteer to receive a partial rebate on your registration fee (registration rebates are limited) or simply to make a contribution to your association, you can help make this an amazing event. For those volunteers fulfilling significant volunteer time commitments, partial registration rebates can be earned. Priority for the registration rebates is provided to members of the ACA, Southern California/Hawaii. Most volunteers simply like to be involved as both an attendee and a contributor in some way.

ACA Volunteers

The over 1,000 ACA volunteers are essential to the future success of the camp community. Thank you for the important work you do!