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ACA’s Raise the Bar Initiative: Capturing the Magic of Camp in Tangible Data

Getting Social with It
Angela Ambrosini, March/April

Moving from Mainstreaming to Outsourcing: What Everyone Can Learn from Working with Different Needs
Scott Arizala, May/June

From Camper to Counselor - What Footprint Will You Leave?
Kim Aycock, MST, May/June

What More Can We Do to Help Homesick Campers? Homesickness, Anxious Withdrawal, and Motivations to Avoid New Experiences
Matthew Barstead, MS, July/August

Letting Your Brand Shine Through: An Intentional Approach to Your Brand at Camp
Jenn Bender, EdM, MBA, May/June

Show Us the Money
Troy Bennett, MBA, September/October

Camper Enrollment Continued Upward Trend in 2014

Create Inspirational Memories (Intentionally)
Greg Cronin, CCD, May/June

Preparing Kids for the Real “Real World”
James Davis, September/October

Brain Development and Teens
Bob Ditter, September/October

Handling the Sensitive Issues Campers Bring to You: When You’ve Earned Your Campers’ Trust, You May Get More Than You Bargained For!
Bob Ditter, May/June

The Pressure of Camp
Chicka Elloy, May/June

Education for Global Citizenship  - A Role for Summer Camp
Stephen Fine, PhD, September/October

The Interface Between Camp and Family: The Challenge of Dealing with Loss and Bereavement
Minda Garr, MSW, March/April

Implementing Special Events and Programs at Camp
Daniella K. Garran and Christina Peterson, July/August

Imagine Respect, Inspire Resilience, Impact Responsibility
Deborah Gilboa, MD, January/February

Conservation Generation: Doing Good Work
Seth Herschthal, M Ed, and Avi Djanogly, March/April

Staff Communication: Control, Filters, and Perceptions
Lori A. Hoffner, January/February

Boys and Camp: Developing Skills for Life Success
Ana Homayoun, November/December

Girls and Camp: Fostering Community, Causes, and Confidence
Ana Homayoun, September/October

Serving Our Nation’s Young Heroes - How Camp Is Impacting the Lives of Military Children
Hannah Hutler, July/August

Homesickness - It Isn’t Just for Campers
Louise Fritts Johnson, May/June

Foundations for Brighter Tomorrows
2014 Eleanor Eells Award Winners


Keeping Staff Training Relevant, an Interview with Chicka Elloy

Noticing Deficit Disorder - How Camp Can Restore the Art of Seeing the World
Merrie Koester, PhD, November/December

While Goodbye Is Never Enough for Me, It’s Perfect for Him
Jessica Lahey, January/February

A Consequence of Character: How Summer Camp Promotes Character, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship
Leann Mischel, PhD, and Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, January/February

The Impact of Camp Experiences on Social Skills and Happiness
Audrey Monke, November/December

Nurturing Campers’ Psychological Needs, an Interview with Bob Ditter

Where They Are Now - Confirming the Important Work Camps Do
Lance W. Ozier, EdD, November/December

Now and Then: Summer and School Camp
Jim Parry, March/April

Be Superman - Teach the Campers to Wear the Cape
Gwynn M. Powell, PhD, Meriwether Burrell, and Sara Beth Burrell, May/June

Play at Camp: Talking to the Funders versus Preaching to the Choir
Gwynn M. Powell, PhD, J. Joy James, PhD, Danielle Timmerman, and Stephanie P. Garst, March/April

Capture the Magic for Middle School Campers
Andy Pritikin, September/October

Stress at Camp? No, Never . . . Three Mindful Practices to Create Kinder, Happier, Healthier Campers and Counselors
Kristen Race, PhD, and Sylvie Piquet, January/February

To Be a Great Camp Counselor, Act Like One!
James Schwabach, MS, May/June

Developing a Business Plan for Your Camp
Ann Sheets, March/April

Staff and Food Accountability
Viki Kappel Spain, MEd, July/August

Ten Ways to Make Great Use of Your Summer Photos
Blake Sunshine, November/December

Pedagogically Speaking - Part 2: Big Questions for Contemporary Educators
Christopher Thurber, PhD, January/February

Rejectology: Helping Dorky Kids Fit In Requires Understanding Social Rejection
Christopher Thurber, PhD, May/June

XXX-posed - How Much Sex and Violence Is Too Much?
Christopher Thurber, PhD, November/December

In It to Win it
Diane Tyrrell, CCD, May/June

A Return to Tolerance
Diane Tyrrell, CCD, September/October

Scared or Prepared?
Diane Tyrrell, CCD, January/February

Creating the Connection between University Education Programs and Summer Camps
Zachary Wahl-Alexander, PhD, November/December

It’s Complicated - Beyond the Hookup Culture: Taking Initiative and Mitigating Risk
Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, May/June

SOS - Youth at Risk and Seven Survival Skills from Summer Camp
Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, September/October


Building Principles
Kinder, Gentler, Softer Water
Rick Stryker, PE, July/August

Wisdom Overhead
Rick Stryker, PE, November/December

From Tish
From Tish
Tish Bolger, January/February

Welcome to Generation Camp
Tish Bolger, May/June

In the Trenches
Cultivating Constructive Camper Habits
Bob Ditter, July/August

Case Studies: Working with Challenging Camper Behavior
Bob Ditter, November/December

Ready for Camp: Avoiding the Surprise of Challenging Camper Behavior
Bob Ditter, March/April

Leading for Tomorrow
Leading for Tomorrow
Tom Holland, July/August

Leading for Tomorrow
Tom Holland, September/October

Leading for Tomorrow
Tom Holland, November/December

A Place to Share
Share Your Time, Talents, and Knowledge
Shanelle Lambert-Rauh, January/February

The Atypical Camper — Jason’s Story
Ronald Furst, MEd, March/April

The Case of the Melted Fingerprints
Avery McGaha, May/June

My Perspective
Maura Ellett, July/August

Camp — a Window to the World
Stacey Ebert, September/October

The Success of Queen Neptuna
Deanna L. Longoria, November/December

Recipe for Success
Camp-grown Food Service Staff: Leading and Cooking with Gumption
Viki Kappel Spain, MEd, January/February

Welcome to the World of Camp Food Service
Viki Kappel Spain, MEd, May/June

Plan Now for New Food Activity Programming
Viki Kappel Spain, MEd, September/October

Essential Communication Requirements of Caretakers
Norman E. Friedman, MEd, May/June

The Argument We Must Learn to Make: Camp Creates Advantage
Erec Hillis, March/April

Camp Arcadia: A Century of Family Values but Adaptable to Change
Anne Henderson Fritts, July/August

Conflict, Camp, and World Peace
Saving Civilization by Filling in the Gaps in Traditional Education

Christopher Thurber, PhD, September/October

Growing Camp
Daniel Zenkel, November/December

It Wasn’t Just another Week at Camp: Evaluating the Teens Leading and Connecting Structured Camp Curriculum
Tracy L. Mainieri and Denise M. Anderson, March/April

Let Your Research Flag Fly! How to Magnify Your Camp Story with Research
Tracy L. Mainieri, July/August

Risk Management
Strategies for Managing the Risks of Food Contamination and Communicable Disease at Camp
Edward A. Schirick, CPCU, CIC, CRM, January/February

When Staff MESH Impacts Camp
Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN, March/April

Workers Compensation Facts
Edward A. Schirick, CPCU, CIC, CRM, May/June

Healthy Camps Update: What’s the Focus for Phase Three?
Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN, July/August

Concussion Awareness and Risk Management: More than a Headache
Edward A. Schirick, CPCU, CIC, CRM, September/October

How Culture-sensitive Are Your Camp Health Services?
Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN, November/December