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Top 25 Staffing Solutions Gathered through Collaboration
American Camp Association Staff Recruitment and Retention Committee, September/October

Thriving Futures Ahead: Thanks to the 2023 Eleanor Eells Award Winners
Kaley Amonett, July/August

Risk Management of Sexual Abuse at Summer Camp: Safeguarding Campers’ Well-Being
Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention, November/December

What Gets Watered Will Grow (Including You!)
Kim Aycock, MST, May/June

Top 10 Things to Keep in Mind to Keep Campers Safe from Abuse
Rahel Bayar, May/June

Livin' On a Prayer: The Celebration of Difference in Camp
Jonah Berger, MS Ed, September/October

The Ultimate Guide to Staffing Your Kitchen
Karen Brennan, March/April

Developing Social-Emotional Learning Skills at Camp
Dave Brown, LCSW, May/June

Reframing Mental Health at Camp
Dave Brown, LCSW, January/February

The Value of Adversity
Jim Cain, PhD, November/December

International Staff and the Baggage We Bring
Jesus Castaño, May/June

We Are Learning Together: Taking Steps Away from Native Cultural Appropriation
Andrew Corley, January/February

Capture the Moments
Greg Cronin, MPA, CCD, CPRP, May/June

“Yes, and . . .” Improvising Your Revenue Stream
Jalisa Danhof, Caitlin Voyt, Whitney Sparks, and Scott Lakin, January/February

Does Summer Camp Have to Perpetuate Junk Food Culture?
Cori Daniels, November/December

Anxiety Is a Virtue?
An Interview with Tracy Dennis-Tiwary, PhD, January/February

The Courage to Create Access: Moving beyond Conversation and into Action
Candace Doby, September/October

Embracing Differences: Forging Intentionally Inclusive and Diverse Communities
Ambrean Ford, LLMSW, May/June

Would You Recognize Cultural Appropriation?
HK Gilbert, May/June

Say This, Not That!
Emily Golinsky, MS, May/June

Foster a Feeling to Cross the Generational Divide
John Hamilton, MA, September/October

Loudly Engaged: Training Your Team to Beat Burnout
Donnie Keele III, November/December

The Four C's of a Great Summer Camp
Stephanie La Loggia, MA, May/June

Leave No Trace: Education and Inclusion Approaches to Strengthen Your Camp Program
Andrew Leary, January/February

Cultural Bias in Risk Management
Jason D. Martin, September/October

Be PRepared: A Camp Professional’s Guide to Public Relations
Lauren McMillin, March/April

Increase Belonging with Reflection at Camp
Paige Moffett and Nelson Strickland, July/August

Before You Quit: How to Get the Most Out of Your Summer at Camp
Audrey Monke, MA, May/June

Ensuring Camp Safety: 13 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Background Screening Process
DeeAnn Myers, November/December

Fighting for Wellness: Youth Thrive When You Do
An Interview with Brittany Patterson, PhD, January/February

Confronting Barriers to Belonging at Camp
Christen Peterson, CYC-P, September/October

Educating Parents: What Is Your Camp Obligated to Do — and How?
David Phillips, March/April

Seasonal Staff Development: Leveraging Educational Supervision for Recruitment and Retention — And Because It’s the Right Thing to Do
David Phillips, January/February

Survey Says Tech at Camp Is a Mixed Bag
David Phillips, November/December

The Somewhat Ugly Truth about Teenagers at Camp
Violet Piper, March/April

Personal Finance for Camp Pros
Paul Sheridan, July/August

Helping Camps “Go Green”: The Motivators and Barriers to Camp Sustainability
Danny Sudman and Lincoln Larson, PhD, March/April

Let's Play Nicely: Eight Tips for Creating Safe Spaces at Camp
Lauren Breitman Tanen, JD, September/October

Addressing the Elephant in Camp: Little Pay Creates Big Challenges
Dave Thoensen, March/April

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Improving Incident Documentation
Diane Tyrrell, MA Ed, CCD, July/August

How to Run a Teen Program at a Summer Camp Wary of Teenagers
Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, January/February

A Time to Talk: Communicating with Campers
Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, May/June

How to Work with Your Boss
Dan Weir, July/August


Moving Forward Together

Camp Creates Communities of Belonging for Greater Well-Being and Lives Well Lived
Tom Rosenberg, January/February

Facing the Digital Age with Humanity
Tom Rosenberg, March/April

Dear Camp Staff
Tom Rosenberg, May/June

Addressing Educational Gaps through Camp
Tom Rosenberg, July/August

Dear Colleagues
Tom Rosenberg, September/October

Thank You for Another Great Year
Tom Rosenberg, November/December

A Place to Share

Soul to Soul Communication
Marcia Ellett, MPW, January/February

Healthy Inside and Out: The Role of Mental Health Counseling at Summer Camp
Sylvi Stein, March/April

Raise the Canopy
Jessica Stein Diamond, May/June

Growing Together
Ella Opdenberg, July/August

On Camp and Pride
Andy Lefkowitz, September/October

Swims, S’mores, and Social-Emotional Growth
Karen Mitchell LCSW, November/December

Recipe for Success

Milk Allergy: Three-Year-Old’s Death Sparks Expanding Food Allergy Protection Laws
Kimberly Whiteside Truitt, March/April

Gluten-Related Disorders: A Complex Spectrum
Kimberly Whiteside Truitt, July/August

Water: Exploring Its Significance, Sustenance, and Sources
Kimberly Whiteside Truitt, November/December


Healthy Staff, Healthy Camps
Adam Boyd, DMin, January/February

Delegation Don’ts for Camp Directors
Adam Boyd, DMin, March/April

On Scars and Enchantments
Don Pestana, May/June

Making Improvements One Vulnerable Step at a Time
Jessie Dickerson, July/August

Interrupting Biases
Lance W. Ozier, EdD, and Chanika R. Perry, EdD, September/October


Continuous Improvement and Program Quality: Lessons Learned
Lacey Maglinger and Victoria Povilaitis, PhD, September/October

Continuous Improvement and Program Quality: Lessons Learned, Part Two
Lacey Maglinger and Victoria Povilaitis, PhD, November/December

Risk Management

Allergies Go Beyond Foods: What to Watch in the Camp Setting
Jane Glazer, MSN, MA, CPNP, FNP-BC, January/February

Stay Sun Safe This Summer
Jane Glazer, MSN, MA, CPNP, FNP-BC, May/June

Are You ADA-Compliant?
Alan Cooper, Esq., July/August

The FEMA Nonprofit Security Grant Program
Adam Bronstone, November/December