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How to Improve Your Time Management
Kaley Amonett. July/August

Preventing Burnout: Caring for Your Staff’s Mental Health while Camp Is in Session

Kaley Amonett, November/December

Camp and the Loneliness Crisis
Scott Arizala, January/February

Love the One You’re With: Self-Care at Camp
Scott Arizala, May/June

Promoting a Culture of Appreciation
Kim Aycock, MST, May/June

Staff Culture: Skipping a Season without Skipping a Beat
Kim Aycock, MST, and Jolly Corley, January/February

Changing the Framework of Abuse-Prevention Training
Rahel Bayar, November/December

Encouraging Black Youth Self-Identity through Theatre Camp
An Interview with Ekundayo Bandele, September/October

What’s Wrong with This Song? We Love It and Have Been Singing It Forever!
Jacki Breger, September/October

Virtually — and Simultaneously — Reaching Campers with Varying Abilities
Brandon G. Briery, PhD, January/February

Connecting to the Purpose of Camp
Dave Brown, LCSW, May/June

Useful Techniques for Maintaining Physical Distancing in Groups
Jim Cain, PhD, March/April

A Summer of Kindness: A Lifetime of Impact
Greg Cronin, MPA, CCD, CPRP, May/June

Anniversaries, Milestones, and Celebrations: Reengaging Alumni and Donors
Anne S. Derber, January/February

How to Make Your Campers’ Experience More Equitable and Inclusive
Lauren Dike, May/June

Marketing and Advertising in 2021 — Are You Tower Records or Spotify?
Kelley Freridge, March/April

Five Trends in Camp Evaluation
Ann Gillard, PhD, March/April

Interrupting Implicit Biases at Camp
Ann Gillard, PhD, May/June

Enrollment: A Risky Business?
Emily Golinsky, MS, November/December

Supporting the Socially Awkward Camper
Emily Golinsky, MS, May/June

Reimagining Camp through a Pro-Inclusional Lens
Niambi Jaha-Echols, September/October

Hats a Plenty
An Interview with Terry Jones, January/February

More Than Words: Telling the “Thanks to Camp” Story
John Jorgenson and Gabrielle Raill, January/February

Enhancing Inclusion for Campers with Sensory-Processing Concerns through Camp Counselor Training
Christopher V.B. Lazzaro, MOT, OTR/L*, Cheryl B. Lucas, EdD, OTR/L, and Kelly Myrto, MOT, OTR, September/October

Gender Inclusion at Camp
Ben Matthews, September/October

Mitigating Long-Term Bereavement Risks — Addressing Family Grief
Irene Searles McClatchey, PhD, LCSW, and Steve King, PhD, LCSW, November/December

Innovation in Camp
Matthew Medendorp and Lauren Harris, March/April

Does Your Camp’s Culture Reflect Your Values?
Audrey Monke, MA, March/April

The Most Meaningful Words You’ll Say This Summer
Audrey Monke, MA, May/June

10 Steps to Starting a Camp Podcast
Audrey Monke, MA, and Andy “Soy” Moeschberger, July/August

Continuing the Race Conversation at Camp
Chanika R. Perry, EdD, and Lance W. Ozier, EdD, September/October

The Consultant Dynamic: Ensuring a Successful Engagement
David Phillips, July/August

The Retreat Conundrum — Is There a Pot of Gold?
David Phillips, November/December

Leading during Crisis: Building the Airplane While Flying It
Kurt R. Podeszwa, January/February

The Evolution of Neurodiversity
An Interview with Steve Silberman, September/October

Words to Live By
An Interview with Jamal Stroud, January/February

The Pressure Pandemic: How Camp Staff Can Counter Harmful Parental Pushing
Christopher Thurber, PhD, May/June

Risk Management: Supervising the Young Supervisor
Diane Tyrrell, CCD, MA Ed, November/December

Skills for First-Time Supervisors: Actively Grow into Your Role
Diane Tyrrell, CCD, MA Ed, July/August

Sometimes You Must Tell Campers No
Diane Tyrrell, CCD, MA Ed, May/June

Rethinking Risk: How to Build Resiliency and Reward
Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, November/December

The Intentional Thread: A Conversation about Courage, Hope, Good Spirit, and Peace
Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, and Daniel Michel, January/February

A Safe Space: From Trauma-Informed to Trauma-Infused — What to Know and How to Help
Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, and Chrissie Kahan, MS Ed, May/June

Become a Grassroots Marketing Pro: 10 Tips to Benefit Your Camp and Develop Your Skills in the Process
Amelia Wampler, Clare Quirin, and Adrienne Wallace, PhD, July/August

Emergent Camp Trends
Taylor Michelle Wycoff, March/April



Building Principles

Becoming Part of the New Normal
Rick Stryker, PE, March/April

On Cutting Wood and Sharpening
Rick Stryker, PE, November/December


Moving Forward Together

Summer 2021: Camp Is Exactly What Young People Need
Tom Rosenberg, January/February

Managing COVID-19’s Social-Emotional Toll
Tom Rosenberg, March/April

Moving Forward Together: May 2021
Tom Rosenberg, May/June

Moving Forward Together: July 2021
Tom Rosenberg, July/August

Moving Forward Together: September 2021
Tom Rosenberg, September/October

Positive Risk-Taking at Camp — Why Does It Matter?
Tom Rosenberg, November/December


A Place to Share

In Pursuit of Belonging
Matthew Cook, MSW, January/February

Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, March/April

Finding That Inner Shine
Quinn Sciarra, May/June

Nice Save
David Fleischner, July/August

Environmental Education: A Reflection
Gil Fornaciari, PhD, and Gordie Kaplan, September/October

The Beanies
Beth Praed, November/December


Recipe for Success

Understanding and Avoiding Soy Allergen Sources
Kimberly Whiteside Truitt, January/February

Strategies for Serving Top Nine Allergen-Free Meals
Kimberly Whiteside Truitt, May/June

Egg Allergy: Revealing Facts and Unraveling Hidden Sources
Kimberly Whiteside Truitt, September/October



Excellence in Research in Practice
Taylor Michelle Wycoff, July/August

Considering Access to Summer Camp
Jessie Dickerson, MS, and Taylor Michelle Wycoff, September/October

Considering Access to Summer Camp, Part II: What Impacts Access to Summer Camp?
Jessie Dickerson, MS, and Taylor Michelle Wycoff, November/December


Risk Management

Is It Over Yet?
Suzanne Rhulen Loughlin, January/February

Health Screening Has Evolved: Does Your Practice Reflect That?
Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN, March/April

Assessing Summer Health Outcomes
Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN, July/August


Trail Mixed

The Privilege of Polite
Makela Elvy, M Ed, and Briana Mitchell, January/February

Food (Justice) for Thought
Makela Elvy, M Ed, and Briana Mitchell, March/April

Watch Your Words: The Power of Language
Makela Elvy, M Ed, and Briana Mitchell, May/June

“Let Me Know If You Have Any Questions” — Change Management through an Equity Lens
Makela Elvy, M Ed, and Briana Mitchell, July/August

Sankofa: The Value of Meaningful Debrief to End the Camp Season
Makela Elvy, M Ed, and Briana Mitchell, September/October

I Can’t Breathe — Poor Air Quality and Communities of Color
Briana Mitchell, November/December