Research & Evaluation

ACA research efforts center on a two-fold approach that 1) advances the knowledge about the value of the camp experience and 2) enhances the business acumen of professionals involved in the industry of camp. These approaches allow for the development of tools, information, and resources that address current societal issues such as positive youth development in camp and other out-of-school time settings, youth outcomes, workforce development, as well as business issues around industry benchmarks, staff training, and quality program improvement.

ACA and YMCA Announce New Partnership

This past fall, the YMCA of the USA and American Camp Association entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that will drive our collaborative work. We are excited about this agreement and what it means for the future of both organizations.

While the full details are being developed over the next several months, we want to make sure that our full membership is aware of the agreement.

Glow Battle: The New Game for Color Wars

The *new* game for color wars: It glows!

There’s something special about nighttime at camp. There’s a thrill in being outside in the dark — that’s when the most exciting games begin. Add to your arsenal of exciting nighttime camp activities with Glow Battle. This light-up battle game is an awesome way to get some energy out of your campers after the sun goes down. Any camp leader who has to keep a big group of kids entertained for multiple evenings will love it.

Federal Tax Impact on Employer-Provided Meals and Travel

Meals Provided to Employees

We understand that historically one of the benefits provided to camp counselors and other employees of camps — both out of necessity for providing proper oversight of the campers as well as providing an additional non-compensatory benefit to employees — was providing meals to the employees while working at the camp.

Maplewoodshop: Give Your Campers the Lifelong Skill of Woodworking

We train and equip your staff to teach hand-tool woodworking in your current space. Maplewoodshop teaches life skills including confidence, grit, and problem-solving through woodworking. Your campers will grow as they explore woodworking and its many benefits.

Watch this video to learn how other camps used Maplewoodshop!

Kampspire Launches Its New Advertising Platform

Kampspire recently relaunched its online advertising platform which enables campers, counselors, and parents to find the right camp experience.

“Camp was an amazing experience for us, so creating something to help share and connect people with those experiences is something we’re passionate about. We’ve had a wonderful response so far,” says cofounder Jeremy Reinmuth.

Energize, Socialize & Engage Your Campers

Take your camp's fun factor to the next level with Air O Sport!

Air O Sport is simple, fun, and works great with just a few friends or with a large group of campers. It's a non-contact team sport.

"It's a great sport — all summer camps should check it out! Air O Sport is an enhancement to the programs we already offer." — Sonny Adkins, Executive Director of YMCA Camp Shadybrook

Why Air O Sport for your summer camp?

Looking for Robust Camp Management Software?

CircuiTree is the last camp management system you’ll ever need. Not only does it offer powerful, cloud-based software to help streamline your camp’s operations, but the system offers solutions for all of your camp management needs. Whether you’re registering campers, staying in touch with customers, or managing inventory, CircuiTree’s software will get you there.

Thank You, Welcome, and Farewell to Members of the National Standards Commission

September is transition time for the National Standards Commission (NSC) and this year was no different.  We’d like to say thank you to all NSC members and recognize those who have recently rolled off the commission, those who are continuing in service, and welcome our new members. 

Welcome to new Members of the NSC with terms beginning September 2018 include: