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Learn the skills you need to succeed. Camping Magazine is your primary source for the most recent trends in the camp industry-the latest research in the field of youth development-critical management tools and innovative programming ideas. Camping Magazine is the official publication of the American Camp Association, under the authorization of the National Board of Directors.

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2018 Staff Training Issue of Camping Magazine

Each year, the May/June issue of Camping Magazine is devoted to staff training.


ACA research efforts center on a two-fold approach that 1) advances the knowledge about the value of the camp experience and 2) enhances the business acumen of professionals involved in the industry of camp. These approaches allow for the development of tools, information, and resources that address current societal issues such as positive youth development in camp and other out-of-school time settings, youth outcomes, workforce development, as well as business issues around industry benchmarks, staff training, and quality program improvement.

Camps Make a Big Splash with New RAVE Sports Waterfronts

RAVE Sports®, the premier leader in water recreation products, recently introduced new 2018 products designed specifically for camp waterfronts:

The Nautilus™ 

Camps at the California Capitol

Tastebuds Food Service

Promoting health and wellness through the delivery of quality food and peace of mind for both camps and parents.

Who We Are

Tastebuds Food Service is a national food service provider specializing in camps providing everything from menu planning and development, staffing and training, to procurement and purchasing. We enjoy fulfilling the experience for both campers and staff by including everyone on healthy and tasty meals.

Findings from Phase 1 of the 5-Year Research Project

ACA Director of Research Dr. Laurie Browne shares the emerging themes from Phase 1 of the Five Year Impact Study.  These preliminary findings point to the numerous ways camp prepares children for college, career, and beyond.

Varmint Defiant Trash Can Cover

When various varmints and critters get into your trash they can create a BIG mess. This trash can cover from Pilot Rock can help defeat those pests and keep them out of your trash cans. The steel fabricated cover is hinged to a steel post for easy operation. The cover weight, deep front lip, and the security ring all work to keep your can . . . and the trash . . . in place. When you pull the trash door open, it closes the throat of the cover so no animal can reach inside.